Sunday, October 05, 2008

To Call Keith Olbermann A Slimy Punk Would Give A Bad Name To Slimy Punks
Coming up next on MSNBC, "Meltdown With Keith Olbermann"

*Sniff, sniff* Smell that? That's the smell of panic. Here's some of the article from;
Olbermann: National Review Editor Masturbated During Palin Debate

Just when you thought Keith Olbermann couldn't go any lower, he plunges to new depths that seem almost unimaginable for someone pawning himself off as a journalist.

On Friday, the "Countdown" host actually told his viewers that National Review editor Rich Lowry's published opinion of Sarah Palin's performance during Thursday's debate "read like soft core porn."

MSNBC's leading on-air personality disgustingly concluded: "I don`t really care if you sat there last night during the debate and masturbated. But was it really necessary to tell America about it?"

Wow. The good folks at General Electric should be so proud.


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