Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah, They've Been Anglin' For Cans Alright... Each Others
Ohhhhhh, that's pronounced "ANGLICANS"!

Dear British Bum Bandits, thanks for making the decision of so many fence sitting Anglicans that much easier. Hmmm, but does that qualify you two as fence pole sitters?

Here's some of the article from the Catholic World News; (Emphasis mine) Homosexual wedding intensifies Anglican dispute

London, Jun. 16, 2008 (CWNews.com) - The worldwide Anglican communion, already severely strained by disputes over homosexuality, has been tested again by revelations that two English clerics exchanged vows in a church ceremony in May.

The two Anglican priests, Peter Cowell and David Lord, defied their bishop by conducting the ceremony in St. Bartholomew's church in London. In an official comment on the event, the Church of England said that the ceremony involved
"a fairly serious breach of the rules."

The ceremony has given new vigor to the outrage expressed by many conservative Anglican leaders, particularly in Africa, over the acceptance of homosexuality among their English and American counterparts. The complaints of these conservative Anglicans have threatened an open split within the Anglican hierarchy.

News of the London "wedding" ceremony came as Anglicans prepared for the Lambeth Conference, a decennial gathering of the world's Anglican bishops, in July.
The conference had already been regarded as a likely showdown between the opposing factions within the Anglican community.


Blogger Mary Rose said...

Oh, please let this be the catalyst for some major smackdowns. Christians need to REFUSE to bow before evil and stand for truth. I just wrote an entry concerning some dopey homosexual activist group who demanded meetings with two of the largest non-denominational churches in the U.S. And the churches met with them! Arrrrrggghhh!!! Why, oh why? They should have never given these groups any legitimacy by meeting with them. All the did was play into their strategy to get more publicity for their cause.

On another note (after getting royally ticked off after that event), I was only too thrilled to see this development.

Be careful who you burn, Shrillery. Never know how it will come back to bite you. (by the way, I coined the name, Shrillery. I've been keeping tabs on her for almost 15 years.)

7:30 AM  

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