Saturday, June 14, 2008

That'll Be 3 Our Father's and 3 Hail Mary's
...and yer gettin' off easy, Caveman

OK, I'll come clean. I stole from a priest. Actually, I stole a priest's idea. Good Father Richtsteig has his "Latest Earworm" section. I've always thought that was a pretty cool idea. So I thought I'd give it a shot.

But here's the Caveman Proviso: only obscure Classic Rock. And not just any old Classic Rock --- but the kind of stuff that simultaneously pissed-off your parents, and made your ears bleed profusely. Every so often, I just might play something a little mellower... but don't expect any of that soft-pop Air Supply or Stevie Nicks garbage.

Expect long lost gems to find their ways back to your lives. I promise.

One other thing' for sure... whatever I program, I guarantee it'll be something you probably haven't heard for years, put a smile on your face, set your toes a'tappin, You might even cut a rug with the Ol' Girl!

The debut song is "I'm A Man" by Chicago, circa the early 70's. Terry Kath's guitar work (the most underrated in the history of Rock and Roll) is so amazing, that even Jimi Hendrix once said "I thought I was good, but this guy, Terry Kath, he's the best in the universe!"

And besides, the back to back screams of Terry Kath and Peter Cetera towards the end of the song are the stuff of legend.



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