Sunday, February 03, 2008

America's Own Spirit Of Vatican II
Someone remind me again why this was "needed" to begin with

What exactly is it here that I'm describing. Can you figure it out?

1. This was originally called for by "progressives" and "mavericks".
2. Everything pertaining prior to, was essentially up-for-grabs after the figurative ball started rolling.
3. Many who were initially in favor of this have since realized that in many cases there has been total organizational break-down and utter chaos.
4. Even after it was abundantly clear that things had gone horribly wrong, many in positions of power and authority basically said "oh well, this is the wave of the future. We might as well embrace it".
5. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of the rank and file have since become totally disillusioned with their leaders. Apathy and "just going through the motions" have become commonplace.
6. No one can seem to recall why this was even called for in the first place. Despite the occasional screw-up here and there, everything worked just fine prior to.

Is this the so-called "Spirit of Vatican II" I'm describing? It pertains, doesn't it? But no... It's not V2 I'm talking about. What I've described is that genie out of the bottle better known as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". So let me ask, yet again --- why exactly is it that we NEED comprehensive immigration reform?

By the way... I keep hearing quite a few Obama supporters using phrases like "he's a breath of fresh air" and "it's time for change". They rarely give specifics... they just blabber on about fresh air and change.

Gee, where have we heard that before?


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

"Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of the rank and file have since become totally disillusioned..."

And how many of that total have lost their faith, were never evangelized, or were never properly catechized, at the risk of eternal damnation?

Vatican 2 was the first step into a 40-year desert and, as a result, many will never reach the "New Jerusalem."

3:03 PM  

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