Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From The "Maybe Darwin Was Right About Natural Selection After All" File
The smart survive, the stupid die

New Mexico men shot with .357 Magnum as they traced it for tattoo pattern
The Associated Press

CHAPARRAL, N.M. - A tattoo can be a painful proposition but usually it's just the needle you have to worry about.

Two men trying to trace a loaded .357-calibre Magnum as a pattern for a tattoo accidentally shot themselves, the Otero County Sheriff's Department said Monday. Robert Glasser and Joey Acosta, both 22, were treated at a hospital in El Paso, Texas, after the shooting Thursday evening in nearby Chaparral.

Authorities said Glasser was struck in the hand when the gun accidentally went off and Acosta was hit in the left arm. Their injuries were not life-threatening, authorities said.
Any chance someone can mail these two dopes a copy of Circumcision For Dummies. With any luck at all, they'll screw that up as well. And in doing so, will unwittingly aid in the effort to keep them from ever threatening to further pollute the gene pool.


Blogger Subvet said...

Proof positive; Stupid is as stupid does.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Vetus Melius Est said...

A .357 Magnum??? Was the hammer cocked? I don't understand how a revolver can "accidentally" fire (and someone please correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge, .357 Magni have not been produced in a semi-automatic form...)


10:56 AM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...


If the revolver in question was one of those that are cheaply manufactured, or an iport from a nation of "questionable industrial integrity", falling onto the hammer can send enough movement, with enough force, through the hammer to strike the primer/firing pin.

many cheap and dirty hand guns have a safty that will not allow the tirgger to pull when engaged, but do not block hammer movement when dropped.

I would guess, if these two goomabas were stupid enough to trace the weapon as a tattoo patern, that they were too stupid to buy a decently manufactured revolver.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

CLEARLY they were too stupid to learn Col. Jeff Cooper's Four Rules! Nothing can save such people from my withering contempt.

7:43 PM  
Blogger deb said...

I read some of the books from the series the Darwin Awards to my boys. For those who don't know, The Darwin Awards list people who have taken their lives in very stupid ways, thus taking themselves out of the gene pool.My instructions to my boys was 'please never die in a manner that will put you in these books.'

I have to wonder why the two young men in the article didn't just have someone draw them a picture of the gun? Tatoo artists probably have a stock of gun drawings for someone to choose from anyway.

5:12 PM  

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