Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are They Fresh Outta Dope Pushers, Murderers, And Pimps?
Ahhh... another shining moment for the ACLU

Love, hate, or indifferent to Tom Monaghan, ya gotta admit... something foul's afoot at the Town of Ave Maria, Florida. And I ain't mentioning any names, but it's initials are ACLU.

Monaghan dismisses questions about whether the town will tolerate non-Catholic views. But he created a stir last year when he was quoted as having said in a speech to a Catholic men's conference that pharmacies wouldn't be allowed to stock condoms or birth control pills and that cable TV would show no pornography.

Monaghan has since said he misspoke. Project manager Donald Schrotenboer says the town will obey all local ordinances, but officials "would prefer" that businesses sell only products consistent with a family-friendly environment.

That hasn't appeased the ACLU of Florida, which says it will continue to monitor the town. Monaghan's "comments on the record give us legitimate concerns about the community he's creating," says Executive Director Howard Simon.

Gee, I wonder why the Amish and Hassidic Jews don't get this kind of attention? But hey, would you expect any less from an organization whose very foundation is entangled with that of the Communist Party, USA?


Blogger Helen said...

Dear Caveman;

Leave it to the ACLU to "monitor" a CATHOLIC town and totally IGNORE an Islamic school (publicly funded, yes, taxpayer money) about to open in September in Brooklyn, NY, the "Khalil Ghibran Academy". They're already practicing "Takiya" (lying to the "infidels")by claiming to teach the Arab language and "culture". What IS the Arab culture about, anyway? ISLAM! So far, not a peep from the ACLU.

From what I've seen Hassidic Jews and the Amish don't rely on public money to run their schools but since 9/11 the muslims have been claiming that THEY'RE "misunderstood" victims, nonsense!

2:46 PM  
Blogger maureen said...

Perhaps the ACLU should go after
Kiryas Joel, NY aka TalmudTown

9:19 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

"whose very foundation is entangled with that of the Communist Party, USA?"

And don't forget, prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court (Hillary's first nominaton to the high court, I might add), Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Chief Counsel, i.e. Top Lawyer, for the ACLU.

10:28 PM  

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