Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome Back My Friends, To The (Freak) Show That Never Ends
Otherwise known as the Diocese of Linz

Probably the best blog in the Catholic Blogosphere that shines the light directly on the cockroaches infesting the pantry of Catholicism; Catholic Church Conservation by the laconic Gillibrand.

From the land of sprouts and exceptionally good waffles, Gillibrand is in the proverbial catbird seat to view the goings-on in The Church in Europe. Unfortunantly, much of it ain't pretty. Especially in the LSD-induced Diocese of Linz, Austria.

Yesterday, I was viewing some of the more disturbing pictures that Gillibrand posted from Linz. As I disconnected from the internet, the little pop-up that says "disconnect" came up and superimposed itself on the pictures from Linz.

I couldn't help but think to myself "yeah, there's a disconnect alright".


Blogger knit_tgz said...

Yes, the new addition in Fatima is really ugly. And a lot of people I asked think the same. It was not met with consensus, you know.

To tell you the truth, personally I do not find the Basilica particularly beautiful (nor ugly), but on the other hand the Hungarian Calvary and the chapel of the Hungarian Calvary are serene and prayer-inducing. The new addition just looks an ugly monster :(

7:05 AM  

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