Sunday, May 13, 2007

Convert Finds Something Missing After Joining the Church

If you don’t subscribe to New Oxford Review, you should. Only fooling. If you don’t have it delivered to your house, try to get a hold of the May issue. There’s an article in it titled, “From Protestantism to Catholicism, From the Novus Ordo Mass to the Tridentine Latin Mass” about a guy who was raised in a Lutheran home, grew up, and wandered through a series of Protestant denominations before crossing the Tiber. Once he became a Catholic, he was somewhat let down when he began attending Mass, i.e., New Mass. It was not what he had read about on his road of discovery. I guess he must have been reading pre-Vatican II books. It was only after the found the traditional Latin Mass, i.e..Classic Mass, with the splendor and awe of actually worshipping God rather than self that he really felt he had “come home.”

You can read the first paragraph of the article on-line.


Blogger Lana said...

I'm a convert too and feel a bit let down by the whole Vatican II thing. Why in the world would they give up so much that was good? I often feel like I'm in one of the protestant churches I grew up in. My husband who is a cradle Catholic feels very let down too. I believe Our Lady will win in the end. It's just tough being out in the wilderness. Today our liberal priest stressed the need to pray harder for religious vocations. Well, I'd take a look at which parishes are being blessed by those religious vocations and see what differences there are. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, Pray for us!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

Interestingly enough Cavey, we attended one of my niece's First Communion-my family's Catholic though I'm Odox- and they belong to St. Augustine's in South St. Paul, MN...that is the Indult parish in the Twin Cities (not counting the SPPX and SPPV chapels in town).

It's an old style building and walking in we saw people genuflecting on the way in and out and when taking their pews, the people were reciting the Rosary, many women were wearing either hats or veils and saw my nephew in an old style altar boy vestments. "Hmmm" we thought, "this wont be too bad." Unfortunately it was not the Real Mass but the NO. And were were disappointed with it. There were three stealth priestesses, an altar girl and even though the high altar was used, they still faced us and used that gall dang table, and not the communion rail. And on the way out people made as much noise as possible, ignoring the plea of the nun there. AND THIS IS A TRADITIONAL PARISH! To my Lutheran raised wife it looked too familiar. Read that last sentance again.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Actually, Former Altar Boy penned this. The accolades belong to him.

4:17 PM  

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