Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maybe Darwin Was Right All Along?
Well, Social Darwinism anyway

Riddle me this, fellow bloglodytes... what do you get when you cross a government "multimillion dollar project" with twenty endangered Pygmy Rabbits who were released to the wild and then fourteen were promptly eaten by natural predators?

I'll tell ya what you get. Long haired, 1960's burn-outs who are now armed with a government grant, who do nothing better than piss away money that was earned by hard working taxpayers.

To these tree-huggin', granola eatin', carbon footprint frettin', Save The Whales but who gives a damn about the unborn humans, hippie pukes... I have just one question. Why the hell do you think the Pygmy Rabbit is endangered anyways?

Sheesh... this whole thing reminds me of my recent post concerning "Catholic" women who have left The Church to become Episcopalian priestesses. No matter how hard The Great Unwashed try, both the Pygmy Rabbit and the Poncho Ladies will die out. After all, the strong survive and the weak die out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pygmy rabbit Hasenpfeffer sounds good, with a nice beer!

All God's creatures have their place, usually next to the potatoes!

In a way, it's sad that the hippies will all get old and die--whatever form of idiocy that succeeds them might not look as stupid!


5:32 PM  
Blogger aggiecatholic said...

Heh heh

12:17 AM  

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