Thursday, January 25, 2007

Caveman #1 Needs your Prayers
Surgery a Success

If you have noticed an unusual lack of activity around the lair lately, it's because Vir has been in the hospital. I just found out today myself.

He went in for a checkup and was rushed to surgery due to a blocked artery. Yes, it was so serious he was given Last Rites and family members flew in from other states.

He's home now, resting somewhat comfortably, and sporting a huge scar across his torso.

Please keep him in your prayers that he heals well and is back to his usual clevr and caustic postings in quick time.


Blogger Tracy said...

I most certainly will pray for him! I will ask for the intercession of our Lady of Lourdes, and of my patron, St. Bernadette. I hope he gets well soon!

2:17 AM  
Blogger Mac McLernon said...

Get well soon, Cavey! Will be praying for you at Benediction tonight.

6:39 AM  

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