Saturday, March 18, 2006

News Briefs & Commentary
From the Caveman News Network

Dateline: BOSTON - Seven priests, including a former vice chancellor, from this diocese, who were accused of molesting children and prepubescent boys have been defrocked by the Vatican. Archbishop O'Malley expressed his "deepest sorrow for the grievous harm" done by the molesters, as he continued to use the multi-million lawsuit settlement as an excuse to close churches and schools and sell off church property.

COMMENTARY: Dear Pope Benedict, Good start, but justice will not be done until "Cardinal" (ugh) Law -- the accomplice after the fact -- is either defrocked or, at a minimum, stripped of his pallium and sent to a monastery in Iraq.

Dateline: WASHINGTON - Two more women have died after taking the baby-killing pill known as RU-486, bringing the death total in the U.S. to six dead expectant mothers with six dead babies. The women had received the abotificient from Planned Parenthood, the same organization that supplied the lethal pill to the other four. The women did not follow the FDA-approved instructions for killing their babies and instead used a procedure suggested by Planned Parenthood. The pro-abortion group said they would stop recommneding that procedure, but quickly countered with statistics that showed they have successfully helped kill 560,000 babies with RU-486 since it was approved for use the U.S. in 2000.

COMMENTARY: How about a warning label on the box, "The contents of this box may kill you and will definitely kill your baby."? And where is the so-called Women's Rights movement on this one - a pill that kills women and not a peep from the feminazis?

Dateline: OCEANSIDE, Calif. - The Mission San Luis Rey de Francia celebrated the 141st anniversay of the return of the mission by President Abrahan Lincoln on this date, less than one month before his assassination. The mission was founded in 1798 and flourished until the Spanish pulled out. In 1846, it was sold by the Mexican governor. The mission's property was divided up, its buildings stripped of all material goods and the mission left for ruin. A patent and proclamation restoring Mission San Luis Rey to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Los Angeles was signed by President Lincoln on March 18, 1865.

COMMENT: Obviously the ACLU wasn't around then, suing to prevent the government from returning seized property back to the Catholic Church. Of course, if Blessed Father Junipero Serra could see the inter-faith religious center the Franciscans have turned the mission into, he'd roll over in his grave.


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