Friday, February 24, 2006

Yet More Classic Lines From The
"Religion Of Peace"
Over a cartoon??!!

Salah Al-Din TV in Iraq has their own version of "Life Is Worth Living with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen". But the moslem version is seen preaching the following concerning the Danish people;

"Bring Your wrath down upon the heads of the people of Denmark, oh Allah. Bring Your full force down upon their heads, oh Allah. Make Your ground swallow them up, oh Allah. Send Your earthquakes upon them, oh Allah. Send Your hurricanes upon them, oh Allah. Erupt Your volcanoes upon them, oh Allah."

Anyhow, not to be outdone, Her Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark responded with the following to the unnamed imam;

"May the fleas of a thousand camels take up residence in your tukas region and also in the surrounding pubic foliage. May all your daughters have bacon breath. May all your "martyred" sons who blew up schoolchildren have the living shit kicked out of them for all eternity by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the rest of the 72 Virginians that they will meet in the afterlife."

Ok... I made up the Queen Margrethe quote. But wouldn't it be great if she really said that?


Blogger Dave said...

"May all of your virgins look like Rosie O'Donnell and sound like Fran Drescher."

9:55 AM  
Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

Ill have to link to this one!

5:25 PM  

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