Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*Sigh* I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True
Just another RepubliCrat

Helmet tip to Vir Simplex.

Even though he's pro-abortion, I was hoping that at least Brown wouldn't go down the road of Socialism. If he truly believed in Conservative Principles, then possibly the lights would come on concerning slaughtering babies.

Guess I was wrong. He's just another RepubliCrat. Like Glenn Beck said, "We have 2 political parties in this country. One that likes to tax and spend, one that likes to just spend".

Here's some of the article. Try not to puke; (Emphasis mine)
Brown, 4 others in GOP break ranks to advance jobs bill

WASHINGTON - Senator Scott Brown came into office as someone who could deliver the pivotal vote for the GOP to halt Democratic initiatives. But yesterday, Brown delivered for the Democrats, helping them advance a jobs bill President Obama and his party seek.

In one of his first actions in the chamber, the freshman Bay State Republican joined four of his GOP colleagues in deciding to end debate on the $15 billion bill, allowing the Senate to avoid a filibuster and move ahead to a final vote, which requires a simple majority. The tally was 62 to 30.

The measure would extend the Social Security tax break to eligible employers through December and give an extra $1,000 per employee credit if the worker stays on the job for at least a year. The measure also includes an extension of popular highway programs.

So much for the actual workers getting a tax break. Oh, and what happens when all the pot holes are filled?


Blogger VSO said...

Why am I NOT surprised? He's probably thinking about his re-election in a few years. Could a conservative get and stay in office in that state?

10:28 AM  

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