Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nazis And "Happy Holidays!"
Oh, and they just loooooooved abortions, too

Interesting little article from The Daily Mail (London). Amazing how history repeats itself, huh?

Here's some of the article; How Hitler's Nazi propaganda machine tried to take Christ out of ChristmasNazi Germany celebrated Christmas without Christ with the help of swastika tree baubles, 'Germanic' cookies and a host of manufactured traditions, a new exhibition has shown.

The way the celebration was gradually taken over and exploited for propaganda purposes by Hitler's Nazis is detailed in a new exhibition.

Rita Breuer has spent years scouring flea markets for old German Christmas ornaments. She and her daughter Judith developed a fascination with the way Christmas was used by the atheist Nazis, who tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration.

Gold and silver Christmas tree baubles inscribed with Nazi and non-religious German iconography lying on swastika wrapping paper

Food for thought: A swastika-shaped cookie cutter for the kitchen

The Nazis felt they could exploit Christmas to bring the nation together behind the war effort


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