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Leave It To The USCCB To Sing The Praises Of This Homo-Friendly "Convert"
Let us all worship at the Altar of Globalism

Some of the article from the mouthpiece for the USCCB; (Emphasis mine) In Westminster lecture, Blair says faith can transform humanity
By Simon Caldwell
Catholic News Service

LONDON (CNS) -- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has spoken of his "passionate" conviction that religious faith can transform humanity for the better. Blair, 54, a former Anglican who was received into the Catholic Church just days before Christmas, said he wanted to promote the "idea of faith itself as something dynamic, modern and full of present relevance."

His remarks came in a lecture on the subject of "Faith and Globalization," the first in a series of six speeches hosted by the Archdiocese of Westminster on "Faith and Life in Britain." He said that since leaving office as prime minister in June, he had become more acutely aware of the dynamics of globalization, and he said that it was in this context that the role of faith was especially important.

"I am passionate about the importance of faith to our modern world and about the need for people of faith to reach out to one another," he added. Blair said he would commit himself to the cause of interfaith dialogue through the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which he will establish in London this summer.

He said he hoped the foundation would bring together different Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists in working to alleviate global poverty by urging governments to meet the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. These have the aim of halving the rates of world poverty -- defined by the numbers of people existing on less than a dollar day -- by 2015. But he said the "broader objective" of his foundation would be to help more people to realize religion as a "positive force for good."

"If people of different faiths can coexist happily, in mutual respect and solidarity, so can our world," he said. Blair has accepted a post at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., and will give seminars on faith and globalization, in which he will focus on how religion can be used to further international relations.

I'm sorry for being such a total theological ignoramus. I always thought bringing souls to Christ was the ultimate goal. Now I know that conversions are unneeded. How could I not realize that "no man goes to The Father except through Me... and Buddha, and Mohammed, and Shiva, and Joseph Smith, and The Great Tierra Del Fuegan Turd Goddess, et al"? Silly me. All hail Globalism and peaceful coexistance. I'm all better now.

Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that the official news organ for the USCCB (the Catholic News Service) kinda missed the following story; (Emphasis mine) "Some Catholic": Former PM Tony Blair is Now Raising Funds for Homosexual Group

LONDON, April 4, 2008
( – Stonewall, England’s largest and most well-known homosexual activist organization, held its annual fundraising dinner last night, raising over $600,000. A sizable chunk of the funds raised came in thanks to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair – the same Tony Blair who was received into the Catholic Church only a few months ago by top English prelate Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor.

The opportunity to have tea with Tony Blair secured a bid of $40,000 in an auction held at the dinner. Incidentally Blair was the keynote speaker at last year’s Stonewall fundraiser. During his speech Blair thanked the gathered attendees for their help in passing his legislation to permit homosexual civil unions. Blair said that of all the pro-homosexual legislation passed in recent years, the civil partnership law gave him more than just pride, "it actually brought real joy." The first same-sex civil union caused him to give "a little sort of skip," he said, it was "just so alive, and I was so struck by it."
Gee, I can't figure out why the USCCB is passing on this story. This must be all part of Blair's Globalazation and Peaceful Coexistance plan, huh?


Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Blair says faith can transform humanity

Evidently, faith hasn't even transformed Tony Blair.

5:38 AM  
Blogger G.I. Janet said...

He converted. Nobody realy believes he had a conversion. There's the proof. Too bad. For him.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Long-Skirts said...

"The Great Tierra Del Fuegan Turd Goddess, et al"?"


Beware goddess green
Mother earth’s pagan queen
She’ll recycle man’s faith
Unto doubt.

They will question their existence
Contracept with persistence
If man does not wake…
He’s waked out!

1:14 PM  
Blogger VSO said...

Someone should tell him that he's not in the Anglican coven anymore, and that in the Catholic Church queering sends you to Hell, and that aiding and abetting it makes it even worse for oneself.

2:50 PM  
Blogger G.I. Janet said...

What Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae just said is so straightforward and absolutely true. It needs to be said from the housetops. Thank you!

Would some of you PLEASE consider going here: and help straighten out a couple of ProtePaganatholics? I've been watching the good guys do battle with these homosexuality and womyn priestess lovers for weeks. And now with this Tony Blair thing they are really on the bandwagon again. We are all sick of it and could use some help, please.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

For a good editorial on ecumenism gone awry, see the link below

11:40 AM  

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