Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ildephonse, Marmaduke, And Yes... Hercules
All good Catholic Baptismal names

Looking for a somewhat rarified name for an upcoming Baptism? None to thrilled with LaQueesh'aa, Bubba Ray, or Maxfield-Stefan? Take a gander at the list of English Martyrs. All Saint, Blessed or Venerable... each and every one.

In the meantime, let's all continue to pray for the Canonization for John Wayne (yes, he was Baptized Catholic on his deathbed). I'm looking forward to the day to have a future grandchild baptized "Duke".

Iohannes Waynius Maximus - Ora Pro Nobis


Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

I recall being inspired by the story of the Duke's conversion near the end of his life.

You simply don't hear of deathbed conversions to Presbytarianism.

2:16 AM  
Blogger Tito said...

LOL, good one Fidei.

Within the past two or three years I have 'discovered' the Duke's westerns. I loooove McClintock and many of those period westerns. I am so happy he made more than I keep count!

John Wayne made me rediscover good films are still around (even if they were made years ago).

9:21 PM  

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