Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Side Is This Guy On?
Certainly not ours!

Here's some of the article from The Washington Times; Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow
The Russians are coming - to drill in our own backyard

The Obama administration is poised to ban offshore oil drilling on the outer continental shelf until 2012 or beyond. Meanwhile, Russia is making a bold strategic leap to begin drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While the United States attempts to shift gears to alternative fuels to battle the purported evils of carbon emissions, Russia will erect oil derricks off the Cuban coast.

Now Russia is using oil exploration to establish a new presence in the Western Hemisphere. It recently concluded four contracts securing oil-exploration rights in Cuba's economic zone in the Gulf of Mexico. A Russian-Cuban joint partnership will exploit oil found in the deep waters of the Gulf.


Blogger JLS said...

At 3pm pacific time it looks as though Retch uh Rep Stupidpecker is crypto commie #2.

5:04 PM  

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