Friday, March 05, 2010

Notre Shame Gets Even More Shameful
Pray for their conversion to Catholicism

Sheesh, it's a good thing that Professor Rice didn't write an op/ed piece concerning how wrong it is for certain ecclesiastical honchos to protect kiddie-rapists, or how certain CINOs lionize baby killers.

Oh... wait. That's been done.

Anyhow, here's some of the article from; (Emphasis mine)
Notre Dame Paper Snubs Prof's Column Upholding Church Teaching on Homosexuality

NOTRE DAME, Indiana, March 3, 2010 ( - The editor of the University of Notre Dame's campus newspaper has refused to publish an installment of a former ND professor's biweekly column because he said the column, which defended the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality, required a "differing viewpoint" as a counterbalance.

Dr. Charles Rice, Professor Emeritus of law and faculty member, resigned writing for the column after receiving an email from the editor of The Observer, who explained that his most recent column had been rejected due in part to its pro-family content. In his column, Rice cited the Catechism to lay out the Church's teaching against homosexuality, and explained that homosexuality's current push for legitimacy was a natural consequence of the contraceptive mentality.

“I personally had some concerns with the content of the column," Editor Matt Gamber told Rice in an email, "particularly considering The Mobile Party comic incident earlier in the semester at The Observer." Gambler was referring to a cartoon published in The Observer that was seen as degrading to homosexuals.

Gambler said Rice's piece was "factually correct," but that he "did not feel it lent itself to creating a productive discussion, all things considered. I was a bit concerned with certain language as well."

In response, Dr. Rice stated that, “ In a university that claims to be Catholic, I am not willing to restrict my presentation of Catholic teaching to a format that treats the authoritative teaching of the Church as merely one viewpoint or ‘side’ among many."

In a subsequent email to Rice, Gambler stated that he did not wish "to question the Church teachings or argue the points you presented in your essay, but rather, because the paper is still recovering from the incident with The Mobile Party comic, we would prefer to examine this issue at a later time."

Notre Dame, which hosts a gay-friendly student group on its campus, has been known to host pro-homosexuality viewpoints with some regularity.

Last April, Notre Dame launched a series of events known as "StaND Against Hate Week" designed to promote an "inclusive spirit" for homosexuality.

"The whole thing is - I think 'disappointing' is a mild term," Rice told LSN, adding that he did not plan to respond to Gambler's latest email.


Blogger JLS said...

The problem that the students at Notre Dame are having with law Professor Charles Rice is that they cannot understand him because he integrates faith in God in his writing. They want him to remove God from his life, and set this precedent up in academia. The fool who edits the ND paper is nothing more than a young twit-like goon paid to help replace Catholicism by marxism.

7:21 PM  

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