Monday, February 15, 2010

A Serious Republican Challenge To Charlie Rangel?
Hmmm, interesting...

Former New York Jets lineman, current Baptist minister and registered Republican Michael Faulkner has announced his candidacy for the Congressional seat currently held by Charlie Rangel.

Maybe the Faulkner Campaign should post a few of the billboards that recently went up in Atlanta, then informing the people of Harlem where both Faulner and Rangel stand on abortion.


Blogger The Rockin' Traddy said...


I live in Pennsylvania and a few years ago the Republican party put up a SERIOUS challenger to Ed Rendell in the person of former Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swann.

Fast Eddie won with 60.4% of the vote. Sports figures are a joke in politics, but if Jesse Ventura can win, I guess anyone can...

3:21 PM  
Blogger Lola said...

And, Handsome too!

I think Mr. Rangle might be heading down to his Dominican Republic retirement villa sooner than he thought.

11:26 AM  

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