Monday, January 11, 2010

Theory Vs. Experience
Or, playing make-believe vs. actually doing something

Interesting little graph from The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute, wouldn't you say?

T. Roosevelt... 38%
Wilson ...52%
F. Roosevelt...50%
GH Bush...51%
Clinton ...39%
GW Bush...55%

And Comrade DingleBarry is running General Motors?


Blogger Greta said...

Looks to me that all that went over 50% served two terms except Bush I and he got whacked by No New Taxes and Ross Perot.

in those between 40 to 50%, Harding was elected but died in second term, Coolidge served Harding term and was re elected. FDR, who most see as a liberal had a surprising 50% and shows that a liberal Democrat who listens and works with business experice Cabinet can win serving 3 plus terms. Truman kept most of the FDR folks and served most of FDR fourth term and was reelcted. LBJ was reelected but now sure how much he listened to anyone on anything as he brought us the Great Society and expansion of Vietnam. His business advisors were clearly not being listened to very much with guns and butter. Ford got whacked but that was as much about Nixon as anything.

So from all this I think you get a good idea that they should have strong business experience in the cabinet and listen to them. Carter had none and listened to none. JFK was a surprise to me as I thought he had more. His being shot means we will never know but he did lower taxes to stop the recession.

This should mean Barry is in serious trouble as he is worst of all.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Interesting. All the modern Dems pay off their politcial cronies with a Cabinet appointment while the GOP enlists people with real-world experience.

9:51 PM  

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