Friday, January 29, 2010

Just So You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going
Taxation without representation?

In California, the first round of projects on lands managed by the forest service will include maintenance and construction on facilities, roads and trails totaling 70 jobs and $7.75 million. The jobs are estimated to last from four months up to a year.That's $110,714.28 per person to build nature trails? Ummm... and what happens at the end of the 4-12 month period?

But if you think 110 grand per person is utterly stupid to spend on a bunch of dirt paths in California, how about what's happening in the Greater Los Angeles area?

Check this out from;
$183,333 per person, for 3 people to improve the pedestrian crossings at El Dorado and Bromwich.

$180,000 per person, for 5 people to (yet again) improve the pedestrian crossings at Commerce Avenue.

$172,840 for 1 person to demolish trailers.

$166,667 per person, for 12 people to install new left turn improvements.
Where do I get a piece of this action?


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