Monday, January 25, 2010

How Do You Say "Biotch" In Chinese?
Helmet tip to Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum

This goes back about a month, but still gives an excellent picture of where our Dear Leader stands in the eyes of the world.

Take a gander at this from The American Thinker;
And twice yesterday, Obama was kept waiting in public by China's premier. This is scary stuff.

Obviously, the rest of the world has taken measure of Barack Obama -- and decided he's a pushover. On the merits, not unfairly.


Blogger JLS said...

Picturing Barack Obama at a summit table with Vladimir Putin ... well, I can't imagine it.

Picturing Joe Biden at a summit meeting table with the head dude of China ... I still can't imagine it.

Picturing Nancy Pelosi at a summit table with Hugo Chavez ... isn't there anything imaginable with these three idiots, other than humiliation?

The Bushes fared to middlin', although probably were about on the ragged edge of upholding the dignity of the U.S.

Clinton? He could bully his way through about anything ... he had his natural man act down prett' damn well. He'd probably have offered cigars all around and they'd'a all tossed back a few rounds and sang songs together.

The whole world came knocking at Reagan's door, except the Pope.

None of the world leaders bought peanuts from Carter's farm. And his great peacemaking summit for the middle east sure has turned out well ... in the sense that it's still there.

Ford showed the world that the U.S. has many tough standby leaders when necessary.

Nixon kicked Soviet booty, and was setting up China at the time of his political demise.

Johnson would've ripped new ones for the top three political yodelers today.

Kennedy faced down all other super powers, including Marilyn Monroe.

Eisenhower's smile and strategy
put us on track to win the Cold War.

Truman's kitchen heat would have cooked almost every Republican and all Democrats in the Congress, the White House and driven some of the Supreme Court justices to insanity.

FDR was a cripple who beat the Axis, beat the Great Depression althugh it might have been over sooner without him, and set up the economy machine to give us what we have today: We in the U.S. have the greatest material wealth in history along with the greatest debt in history ... The only possible way Obama can win a seat among these presidents is to cancel the debt. He could do this either directly by one stroke of his pen, or indirectly such as outlawing abortion, which in turn would start the nation and the west on the road to the morality which would empower us to resolve the rest of the political and social problems.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Ah Clinton . . . cigars . . . and a blue dress.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Smiley said...


I have some obama stats for you today from BBC before the state of the Onion (Since Zero is in office Onion if more appropriate)

Most polls show Mr Obama's popularity hovering around 50% or just below, but his overall approval rating and grades for handling issues like the economy have dropped significantly.
A BBC/Harris poll has found that significant numbers of Americans believe Mr Obama has devoted too little attention to employment (59%), the budget deficit (56%) and the economy (48%).
On the flip side, 44% think he has spent too much time on healthcare reform.
The majority (51%) want him to focus on the economy during his speech, followed by employment (42%).
Opinion on his overall performance is split, with equal numbers (20%) grading his first year performance as an A, a C, and an F.
He has proved most popular in the western states and among people aged 35-44, and least popular in the southern states and with those aged 55 and older.
The poll was conducted online over two days in January. It surveyed 2,010 adults in the US, adjusting for demographic factors and propensity to be online.

8:33 PM  

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