Sunday, September 13, 2009

SuperPope Infallibility?
Of the American Patriotic Catholic Church, that is

WARNING - Harsh language alert.

Turns out Congressman Joe Wilson was right when he called The Zero a liar. Now the White House is admitting that illegals can and will get coverage.

So does this still mean that Rep. Wilson is a scumbag for telling the truth? Of course not.

But there's the rub... all the false outrage from Defeatocrats isn't because The South-Side Stooge was wrong and really is a liar.

No, the reason why they're ├╝ber-pissed is the same reason why shit-bird Marines who are on the cusp of getting their sorry asses kicked out of The Corps, and certain clerics who have been nailed for referring to Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass as 'Fascists' are all bent out of shape.

They're not pissed because they actuality did something wrong. No, they're pissed because they got caught.

And that's how I see things.


Blogger Al said...

Joe Wilson was just doing what used to be common in the Congress, heckling a speaker.

1: The Dems are just POed that someone had the coglioni to say "The Emperor has no clothes."

2: Congess has become a bunch of wimps who refuse to enter into any real debate about an issue. The would do well to see how things should be done by watching 1776.

11:38 PM  

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