Thursday, September 24, 2009

Suffer The Little Children
With "Cardinals" like this, who needs Moloch?

Mahony is right on one thing --- "You have to get somebody who spends time on that". Pope Benedict, I hope you were listening.


Blogger Simplex Vir said...

A Cardinal of the Holy Catholic Church says that Abortion is not his thing, that his thing is immigration. Since immigration is not intrinsically evil and abortion is, sounds to me like this Cardinal has an improperly formed conscience!

6:34 AM  
Blogger Deo Gratias said...

First, Cardinal Mahoney states, "this is way beyond my field...I really haven't kept up on that..." Then, when pushed for an answer about abortion funding under the health care bill, he states that he is in agreement with "what the President said." I thought he wasn't keeping up with it??? He knows where the most pro-abortion(death) President stands, but has no idea where his fellow clergy stands....

11:00 AM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Sounds like we need to push fast forward to 2011 Feb 27...

I swear if I hear one more thing on illegal immigrant amnesty...

11:42 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

"Do you believe that abortion should be funded ... " "No; that's what the president said too". So, the Cardinal is saying that what he means by belief is the same as what the president means when he says "belief"? Does this make Cdl Mahony and Pres Obama members of the same religion? On an aside: Notice how Cdl Mahony manifests fear and nervously skulks away? I met him once at an Easter juvenile hall day, when he arrived early and walked into an inside basketball gym with only myself and two boys shooting hoops: This man is a fearful man, well more fearful than one could imagine without running into it face to face. But not to worry, as he had his msgr with a million dollar silver hairdo accompany him at a respectful distance.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

F&cking coward!

I know we are supposed to be respectful of clerics, especially prelates, but really, this is just too much!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Hail3N1 said...

Sounds like someone's afraid of the "messiah" but the WRONG one!
But then again, he's probably pro-death and just won't admit it this time. FREE THE WHALES! INSURE THE ILLEGALS! BABY KILLING? WELL "BETTER ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT THAT FIELD."

nut jobs running the government and the churches.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Pontius Pilate would be proud. As for me, I am disgusted at his betrayal of the unborn.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

A purported Prince of the Catholic Church (another JPII mistake), who has demonstrated more than once that he is a heretic [let's not bring up the Taj Mahoney, that multi-million dollar monstrosity to stroke jis ego], says that knowledge about the funding of baby-killing in Obamacare "is way beyond my field." Does that remind anyone of The Zero's tap dance during the campaign that knowledge of when life begins is "beyond his pay grade"?

12:20 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

Respect has to do with the truth; beyond that it's not respect.

2:14 AM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

The disconnect here is apalling. I mean, fewer abortions mean more kids for his priests to molest. Isn't that what he wants?

7:14 AM  

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