Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Am I To Argue With A German Egyptian?
I take that back... THE German Egyptian!

This is another of those instances where a ComBox posting takes on a life of it's own. The German Egyptian left one helluva comment;

A friend of mine, Methodist, told me the other day that they used to figure that anyone of their congregation that married a Catholic would join the Catholic Church, in the last 15 years that has totally reversed, they join the Methodists, chief reason, at least we can find a minister here, our priest only is available by appointment and the sacraments must not mean much to the him, confession for example, is only available by appointment or once a week for half an hour. At least you guys don't pretend that confession is even needed. And the message is the same, love and peace and justice. (Sigh) Sadly it almost makes sense. Polyester nuns and vapid empty priests, the road to hell will be paved with them.Not a lot to disagree with, is there? The last few years really have things turned on their heads, 'eh? Three things come to mind -

1. Forget about wolves in sheep's clothing... I'm worried about wolves in shepherd's clothing. It's a sad day, indeed when we see Catholic priests out-Jack Chick Jack Chick. How times have changed.

2. Not all that long ago in popular culture, the phrase "Catholic schoolgirl" translated into "don't waste you time, guys. She's savin' it for marriage". Now in popular culture, that phrase is synonymous with "slut". A friend of mine recently found out about two of his grandkids being enrolled in "Christian (read: Protestant) Academies". It was explained to him that this is a good thing. Like his daughter said; at least they'll be taught morality. They don't teach that anymore in Catholic schools". How times have changed.

3. I remember reading different accounts of certain Catholic prelates that had the same conclusion. Years ago, Protestant clergy would openly say things along the lines of "I may not agree with everything Cardinal Spellman or Archbishop Sheen says... but then they speak, everyone listens!" Now the phrase "Catholic priest" is a punch line. How times have changed.


Blogger the Egyptian said...

Thanks Guys, I didn't think I was that well spoken (or written). The friend was doing some work for me and it came out of a conversation we were having, kind of floored me yet not all that surprising. When we all become "Christians" and ecumenicalism rules. When triumphalism is abandoned, the results are predictable

PS. thanks for the link ;>)

11:05 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Ah . . . the new springtime of the Church!

11:56 AM  

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