Sunday, July 05, 2009

Poor, Poor Manuel Zelaya
Anyone who loves Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama can't be ALL BAD

May God bless those who saved democracy in Honduras. Here's just a bit of an article written by Tom Espisito of The Missioners of Christ (Via Catholic Online);
President Manuel Zelaya, nearing the end of his four-year term, sought to hold a public referendum which would, among other things, seek to change the Honduran Constitution to eliminate term-limits for the Presidency. As only the Congress has authority to call such a referendum, Zelaya was informed both by the Honduran Congress as well as the Supreme Court that this act would be illegal. Nonetheless, Zelaya ordered the head of the military, Gen. Romeo Vásquez Velásquez to enact the public vote. Gen. Velásquez refused, restating that it was deemed illegal, so Zelaya summarily fired him. The Honduran Supreme Court determined that Zelaya’s firing of Velásquez was illegal and ordered him reinstated, which Zelaya refused. Then Zelaya proceeded to the military base with his supporters to confiscate the voting boxes and materials.

The Congress and Supreme Court entered an emergency session on June 27 to determine their response to Zelaya’s illegal acts, as well as his clear intent to go through with the vote. They determined that, for the protection of both democracy and the Constitution, it was necessary to arrest Zelaya. Acting on orders from the Supreme Court and in conjunction with the Attorney General, Zelaya was arrested by a military contingent, and then allegedly given the choice to stay in Honduras and be prosecuted, or accept exile to Costa Rica. It is reported that he chose exile, though Zelaya denies these claims. Zelaya was voted out of office the same day, and the next in line of succession (via the Constitution), Roberto Michelleti, was sworn in as interim President.

This was not a military coup as the general media seems insistent on reporting. While acknowledging the sequence and even manner in which the events were carried out have provided “wiggle-room” for ideologues to incite the international community, this is clearly a diversion from this critical truth; the new interim government is both Constitutional and has overwhelming popular support of the Honduran people. Our people on the ground, who are anything but political, affirm this fact.
And if that isn't enough to shut-up the Obamanistas in the American press, or the do-gooders in the American Church to shut-the-hell-up, how about the following from the Miami Herald;
Archbishop asks Honduras ousted president to give up

TEGUCIGALPA -- A top church leader called on ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to reconsider his return, and to recall three of the Ten Commandments.

Local channels interrupted their regular programming to air a statement by Tegucigalpa's Archbishop Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Saturday morning, who addressed viewers in front of a Honduran flag and a painting of Jesus Christ.

''On the day of your inauguration you cited three commandments of the rules of God -- not to lie, not to steal, not to kill,'' Rodríguez said. "If you respect life, if you love life. Please meditate because if not it could be too late.''

''To the Organization of American States, please pay attention to everything illegal that was happening before the 28th of June,'' Rodríguez said. "This is a community that will define our own destiny without any unilateral pressures. We renounce any blockades, which will only hurt the poor.''
And if none of that matters to you, then how about the words of Zelaya himself;
“Congress cannot investigate me, much less remove me or stage a technical coup against me because I am honest, I’m a free president and nobody scares me.”It's precisely because of postings like this that the mainstream media hates us right-wing bloggers.

It's called "THE TRUTH".


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