Friday, July 03, 2009

St. Christopher, Protect Him
And keep him from stinky cheese

Our favorite Swab Jockey and Seminarian, Phil Johnson, is currently winging his way to Lourdes. Here's the latest scoop from his blog, In Caritate Non Ficta; MRI Results, and Vive L'Ancien Regime!

An MRI today revealed that my brain tumor has not changed over the past 2 months. While my prognosis remains poor since the tumor could not be removed, it is good news that I seem to be responding to radiation and chemotherapy.

I will continue chemotherapy for at least the next 16 months, and will have an MRI every two months to track the tumor's growth. The chemotherapy has weakened my immune system slightly, but so far the side effects have not been too bad or unbearable.

I leave for France on July 3rd, and I assure you all of my prayers while I am there. Just as I did on my last trip, I will constantly post photos of my pilgrimage on my blog.

I will spend a few days in Nevers at Saint Bernadette's convent before traveling to Lourdes. I will remain in Lourdes for 4 weeks as a seminarian day pilgrim guide. Living with the priests and other seminarians, we will give tours of the sanctuary and help the sick who have flocked to that holy site of healing ever since the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Bernadette Soubirous 150 years ago.

Thank you all for your prayers! Please be assured of mine!


Blogger THE HERESY HUNTER said...

Most Holy Virgin Mary, please keep an eye on this guy. If it is in accordance with the will of your Most Holy Son Jesus, the Redeemer of humanity and the Lord of History... some relief to his suffering perhaps ?

6:55 PM  
Blogger Philip Gerard Johnson said...

the cheese is EXCELLENT! (with 3 bottles of wine)

3:24 PM  

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