Tuesday, July 07, 2009


See the link to Pope Benedict XVI's new encyclical here:


Not that my advice or opinion matters much, but I would just suggest that everyone take the time to read this text in full before paying any attention to the unsolicitated analysis of the idiot talking heads, journalists and blog commentators. At least that is what I plan on doing. It is about 50 pages long, so be prepared to devote some time.

And this is a very important document to take the time to read and understand. The "social justice" Catholics will surely pervert it as they have perverted every Church document to serve their collectivist ends. However, we can all be assured that Pope Benedict most certainly will not and is not advocating the ideology of the progressivists. Without reading the document yet, it is my belief that Pope Benedict has once again restated the long standing Traditional teaching of the Catholic "third way".

Atheistic communism is the greatest man made evil to ever infect the earth. However, atheistic capitalism in a lot of circumstances can be just as great of an evil. Just keep that in mind when you read Caritas In Veritate. Surely this is a Truth that conservatives and Traditionalists have long acknowledged. However, you and I both know the progressivists will misinterpret this truth into a deranged apology for Socialism. Ironically, as we see here in the U.S., atheistic communism and atheistic capitalism tend to be one in the same thing and seem to me to be allies in destroying the family and any notion of the most essential economic social teaching, which is subsidiarity.


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