Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Wonder How Long Before He's Given 10 Days To Get Out Of The United States?
Is that the price you pay for being an Obama Denier?

Here's some of a VERY hard hitting article from the Catholic News Agency; (Emphasis mine.)
Denver archbishop warns against ‘spirit of adulation’ surrounding Obama

Toronto, Canada, Feb 23, 2009 / 09:03 pm (CNA).- Canadians packed St. Basil’s Church in Toronto on Monday evening to hear Archbishop Charles Chaput speak about how Catholics should live out their faith in the public square. He warned that in the U.S., Catholics need to act on their faith and be on guard against "a spirit of adulation bordering on servility" that exists towards the Obama administration.

The public lecture by Archbishop Chaput took place on the campus of the University of Toronto at St. Basil’s Church and was attended by an overflow crowd of more than 700 people.

After giving a sketch of the basic principles in his New York Times Bestseller "Render Unto Caesar," the archbishop offered his insights on the need for an honest assessment of the situation of the Church in the public square.

"I like clarity, and there’s a reason why," began the archbishop. "I think modern life, including life in the Church, suffers from a phony unwillingness to offend that poses as prudence and good manners, but too often turns out to be cowardice. Human beings owe each other respect and appropriate courtesy. But we also owe each other the truth -- which means candor."

The Denver prelate then provided his critique of President Obama.

"President Obama is a man of intelligence and some remarkable gifts. He has a great ability to inspire, as we saw from his very popular visit to Canada just this past week. But whatever his strengths, there’s no way to reinvent his record on abortion and related issues with rosy marketing about unity, hope and change. Of course, that can change. Some things really do change when a person reaches the White House. Power ennobles some men. It diminishes others. Bad policy ideas can be improved. Good policy ideas can find a way to flourish. But as Catholics, we at least need to be honest with ourselves and each other about the political facts we start with."

Yet this will be "very hard for Catholics in the United States," Chaput warned.

According to the archbishop, the political situation for Catholics is difficult to discern because a "spirit of adulation bordering on servility already exists among some of the same Democratic-friendly Catholic writers, scholars, editors and activists who once accused pro-lifers of being too cozy with Republicans. It turns out that Caesar is an equal opportunity employer."


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

It's going to be alright, he's going to be in our jail cell once the Obama Truth squad comes after us.

1:02 PM  
Blogger byronfrombyron said...

What makes you think they won't just arrest him and put him in one of the secret prisons, just holding him and never charging him with anything.

3:23 PM  
Blogger gramps said...

Won't have to arrest anyone soon. A few more months of this idiot we now have in the white house might make living in the US one big jail. He seems to be on the verge of indoing everything that has been built in the previous 200 plus years.

9:45 PM  

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