Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Next Up For Sale Is One Senate Seat
Going once... going twice...

When your surrounded by, and nurture your burgeoning political career in a climate of corruption... guess what?

Here's some of the article from WGIL; (Emphasis mine)

[U.S. Attorney Patrick] Fitzgerald stated Tuesday that “there is no allegation in the complaint that the president-elect was aware of it and that is all I can say,” according to

However, the first signs of disconnect within the Obama camp are showing otherwise. President-elect Obama spoke earlier today and stated that he had no contact with governor and was unaware of his dealings. David Axlerod, Obama's senior adviser, said something entirely different in that Obama had spoken with the governor and was active in the process over his vacant Senate seat, but later reversed his statement and said they never talked about it.

At any rate, the
76-page indictment case refers to Obama and his administration as much as 40 times.


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