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Chiming in on Our Lady of Lourdes
Hang tough OLL!!! It's better to fight than switch!!!

First off, I'd like to thank Vir Speluncae Catholicus for posting about the debacle that the good people at Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park Long Island are enduring right now as you read this.

(Read,Join The Our Lady Of Lourdes Rebellion! here )

Sheeesh!!! Where to start? AWOL priests, pro-gay music directors, musical chairs in front of the Altar, pro abortion/gay marriage political guests of honor are among the many subplots you can dive into with this soap opera. Sad thing is, this is not fiction. It is really going on and good people are suffering as they watch their beloved parish, 'Go Hollywood', under the direction of the USCCB's media Golden Boy, Msgr. Jim Lisante. I don't know what Bishop Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Centre was thinking with this appointment. He obviously does not know his flock and what makes them tick. I mean, you have people who attend OLL because they want the Mass in the Extraordinary Form and he gives them a pastor that makes as one of his first appointments, a musical director whose prior work includes directing a cute little off-Broadway musical titled, My Big Gay Italian Wedding . You have people who go there because they want frequent access to the Sacraments and he gives them a pastor who not only spends the majority of his time away from the parish and rectory, but also cuts the time allotted for Confessions in half. The good people of OLL chose that parish because they wanted the Truth and they wanted it delivered without the syrup or theatrics, by good men like their old pastor Father Mason. This man is a priest 24/7 and his Love of Christ and His Church shows no compromise with the enticements of the secular world. So what does Bishop Murphy follow up this humble server of Gods Sacraments with?

He gives them this...

Uhhh....Nice shirt Monsignor. They sell men's clothes where you bought that???

I guess that this is what it feels like, going from On the Waterfront's Father Barry to what looks like the Frank Nitti of the Lavander Mafia. (I joke to mask my disgust over what has transpired up there. Bad jokes or the sound of me retching, take your pick.)

If this rant sounds like it is a bit personal for me, well it is. OLL is the parish of my wife's parents. You will not find a finer Traditional Catholic couple than my dear in-laws. My FIL was a Lieutenant in the FDNY and my MIL was a Catholic school teacher. Despite the highly admirable callings that they pursued, their greatest accomplishment is the job they have done in nurturing the six souls that God entrusted them with, in their love and knowledge of their Catholic Faith. Apples do not fall far from their trees and I owe them a lifetime of prayers for the benefits I've gained from their fruit. God really knows what He is doing, so I guess the only way He was going to penetrate this dense Brooklyn/Irish skull, was to put a fiery, captivating, 'Curly Red-haired Girl' into this Charlie Browns life. Although, He did not give me just a pretty package for a soulmate, he gave me someone with a faith. A well-formed faith. Good Catholics are not born that way, it takes years of formation. While myself and much of the rest of the VII generation that I grew up with let our hair down and did a liturgical dance out the door, you still had a few families like my in-laws that did not let their Catholic identities get choked out by all the germs that followed through the window along with all that 'fresh VII air'. They catechised their children and gave them well formed consciences and a desire to defend their Faith and to serve God.

So folks like my in-laws, as well as a large number of younger Catholic families on the south side of Nassau county, who were no doubt tired of the formation of morals that were more malleable to the influences of the secular world rather than to solid Catechism or Catholic doctrine found a home in OLL. Here they flourished under a priest more concerned with saving souls than with face time on FOX news. What gets me is that I just can't figure out how Bishop Murphy thought he could pull off placing a pastor in there that is such a drastic contrast to Father Mason in this parish. I mean, what makes him think that a Traditional parish, is going to be schmoozed by a priest like this? Lisante might be able to attach a Conservative label to himself in the media world, but his silver tongue and well coifed 'doo' isn't going to get him anywhere with people who actually know their faith. They can see when the Emperor is naked and they can smell a turd when you hold it under their nose.

Anyway, while I feel for all those involved, it is the older parishioners my heart goes out for most. They've fought their battles already. They have passed down the true traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church where many bishops and priests failed. They stood out for their unwavering adherence to Catholic teaching while many of their friends and neighbors were abandoning it to better fit the rest of the world. We have a good friend down here in Wilmington who is getting up there in years. Like Vir Speluncae Catholicus and many others from our area, he would make the trek up to Dunn or Rocky Mount to go to The Latin Mass. He goes less frequently due the health of his wife, the cost of gas as well as the time it takes to get there. I look at this good solid example of male Catholicism and it kills me to see him ache just to have a priest give him a good penance instead of the more common, "oh, don't be so hard on yourself" that is more the norm down here. This generation of Catholic defenders deserve better. They should not be fighting with despair over the state of the Church.

As for those that are of my generation? My prayers are with all those who have suffered from these changes in their parish. But please, for the sake of those who preceded as well as for those who follow, soldier on. What you are defending is most certainly worth it. Besides, you wouldn't want to stand in front of St. Peter and have him ask you why you do not have any scars, would you?

Stay strong OLL!!!

St. Michael the Archangel, Defend us in battle!!!


Blogger Al said...

"My Big Gay Italian Wedding"



A play about the wedding of a finochio that is Italiano. & they hired him as the music director rather than burn him at the stake?

Non capisco!!!!!!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Simplex Vir said...

How the hell is a Priest supposed to demand respect when he is not wearing his cassock and has his arm around the waist of a tight-faced woman.

This man is clearly full of himself.

8:40 AM  
Blogger QuantaCura01 said...

We have an Elvis priest inthe diocese of Fresno, Ca. The bishop here was offered a priest fromthe Fraternity of St. Peter but he refused the offer. Now, we have lay women running the parishes

Cavie, I could share alot of bullshit for bullshit stories with you about what goes on inthe diocese of Fresno, Ca.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Nice clericals, Father. Really setting an example for young priests. Really letting Catholics know you are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek (and letting them know they should address you as "Father" But maybe that's too 'old school' for you. Really letting heathens know that you have been called out of the world for a special vocation.

A Maronite priest friend of mine (my former pastor) told me he NEVER left the house without his Roman collar on and, in fact, if he happened to lay down for a nap, he left is collar on -- buttoned -- in case someone would come to the door.

Excellent post, Green, and beautiful tribute to your in-laws.

11:30 AM  
Blogger TCN said...

It isn't getting above -2 degrees here today, so we walked a block to the happy clappy neighborhood parish instead of driving downtown to pray the Mass with the Bishop. Lord deliver me from "The King of Glory," hefty "liturgists" in tight pants, 13 "communion stations" and "extraordinary ministers" who panic when you don't lift your hands up to receive. As if the jokes during the "homily" weren't bad enough. But hey, Msgr. did tell us we received special graces by coming to church on such a cold day. WTF?

We feel your pain, because we experience it daily. And, much like you, we could rant all day, but that's not going to get anyone into heaven, so we kneel and pray for their misguided souls, and pray that neither we nor anyone else be swept away by their earthly enthusiasms and lack of Godly direction. Our sins are no whiter than those of the heterodox folks.

At least we have the TLM, even if it is only at 7:00 pm on Sunday evenings, and a fair drive from here. We have it, so the prayers are indeed reaching heaven on our behalf. God will be done testing us when He is done, and not one moment sooner. He didn't ask if we liked it, just that we go through it. So, we do, with His help.

4:31 PM  
Blogger nypd green said...


Thanks for the reminder, prayer is gonna do more to remedy such matters than our rants will.

-2 degrees? Yikes!!! After 8 years south of the Mason-Dixon line, my Yankee blood has thinned to the point where just saying 40 degrees makes me shiver! Bundle

Former Altar Boy,

Thanks for the compliment. My in-laws are definately top shelf.

7:50 PM  
Blogger JustTheFacts said...

Jim Lisante is a first class clerical hack.

He almost never says Mass during the week for the people, nor has he been seen hearing confessions.

He cut the weekend Mass schedule by 40% and cut the confessions in half.

He doesn't believe in the Church's teaching on contraception or homosexuality, nor does he think Jesus taught any 'religious doctrines'.

Finally, according to two priests I know, he doesn't live in the parish 85% of the time.

The reason he gets away with this is that he's a first class clerical political schmoozer who has a PHD in telling people what they want to hear.

A competent investigator would have plenty to look at here.

9:54 PM  
Blogger nypd green said...


Thanks for doing a first rate job getting this info out there.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

This photo really distrubs me. I never would've guessed this is a priest.

9:28 AM  
Blogger LarryD said...

The photo with his arm around the waist of that woman is so un-priestly. Unless it's his sister/mom/relative, a priest ought to never get that physically close to a woman.

He looks more like an emcee than a priest.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Hail3N1 said...

Did anyone let him have it? I mean verbally! Reminds me when I saw a pastor come out of the sacristry with a plaid shirt and khaki's on. I asked him, "Father, where is your collar?" He responded, "It's off time for me." I then said, "No, are a priest 24 hrs, seven days a week and we expect to see you look like one." He smiled and walked away.

SPEAK UP! Bishop Sheen said it is up to us to make sure priests act like priests, and PRAY for them!

3:25 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

How the hell is a Priest supposed to demand respect when he is not wearing his cassock and has his arm around the waist of a tight-faced woman.

That's a woman? She looks like ET's mom.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Larry D,
I was at a church function with a dozen or more other people around. A woman, quite innocently I'm sure, leaned in next to the Maronite priest I mentioned in my comment above, while her friend with a camera prepared to snap a photo. Father, with a tone that indicated he was not fooling, told the other woman NOT to take the photo. It was apparent Father would not allow himself to be in a photo in which he and a woman were the only subjects. Too nbad all priests aren't as concerned about being in pictures that might be misconstrued or give "bad example" to others.

8:20 PM  

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