Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Example Of How Live Languages Mutate
Just like in the Novus Ordo Mass

First "gay" went from meaning lighthearted and carefree, to that any given dude now having poop stained hydraulics.

Then on to the bulbous nosed lip-biter with a penchant for chubby Jewish girls, Bubba Clinton hisself, asking the musical question, "what's the meaning of 'is'?"

Well, the other day I was listening to some guy on the radio bring up how the word 'racist' is so often misused now-a-days. And more often than not, it's by 'educated" folks... usually Liberal bomb-throwers.

But anyhoo, anytime someone says anything derogatory (real or imagined) of someone else of a different race, they're immediately branded a 'racist'. Well, gang, that's not what 'racist' means. Ready to take notes so you can correct others in the future and feel oh-so-superior? Alrighty then... on with the show.

Racism - The belief that one race is superior over another based solely on race. Example: "(Insert race here, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, etc.) are naturally smarter than everyone else." Two examples of individuals who are racist are Hitler and Farrakhan.

Prejudice - Literally, pre-judging. Especially before all the facts are know, but a pre-judged assumption is made based on race. Example: "I heard a gas station was robbed last night. Must have been a (insert race here)." Two examples of individuals who are prejudiced are Hitler and Farrakhan.

Bigotry - Negative emotions based on race. Example: "I hate that guy just because he's (insert race here)." Two examples of individuals who are bigots are Hitler and Farrakhan.

So the next time you say anything negative about The South-Side Stooge, and you're called a racist by a Defeatocrat, just tell 'em that not only are they utilizing the English language incorrectly... you're referring to the White half.

From there, have fun watching their head explode.


Blogger Al said...

When my grandparents & great grandparents came over from Italia, they were classified as colored by the immigration standards of the time.

So far, I have yet to be called racist for opposing Obama, but when I am, I'll mention the colored grandparents fact (sans the Italiano connection) & see what they say then. I might even call them racist for assuming I'm white.

When last i looked, we all came from 1 set of parents, Adam & Eve (add your own Adam & Steve line here). Doesn't that mean we are all 1 race, just varied ethnic heritages?

For a party that is supposed to be welcoming & inclusive, the "Dummy"crats are sure a bunch of hate-filled bigots.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Bruce said...

There is racism in this election but it is certainly coming from the liberals who are for Obama.
It seems many of his supporters do not care about his pro-baby murder or his socilaists policies. They only think it cool that he's (part - and they forget only part) black. [As Geraldine Ferraro suggested, if he were not black would he have gotten this far?]
But, Obama, the Kenyan-American (isn't it culturally insensitive to lump all Americans of descent from Africa together as African-Americans?), probably shares more culturally with radical liberal whites than with blacks.
But, liberals don't mind racial profiling as long its to further their own cause.

7:31 AM  

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