Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Americanization Of Sarah
What makes Palin think she could ever be the President of The United States?

And oh, have the Defeatocrats sneered down their collective noses at this rubette for having the gall to even entertain such a notion. Never mind the fact that at the end of her first day as the Governor of Alaska, she already had 100% more experience in elected executive experience than Obama, Biden and McCain combined.

But if you listened to the MSM, she's just some country bumpkin who needs to keep herself barefoot and pregnant in the Executive Mansion in Juneau, and continue to keep herself busy by playing Governor of an insignificant icebox of a state.

But anyhow, how could she be so bold to even imagine that she could be President? I'll tell ya why... she's an American. That's why.

Sarah Palin just happens to be a perfect example of what "The American Experiment" is suppose to be all about. In case anyone forgot, The American Experiment is the opinion that you don't have to be of the manor born in order to rise to a position of power and responsibility. Ring a bell?

Just about every single one of us are descendants of peasant stock. Regardless if our ancestors harvested rice in Japan, hunted for game in Equatorial Africa, or milled wheat in Central Europe... they all worked for you-know-who: royalty.

For the most part, if you were born a peasant, you died a peasant. Period. Until The American Experiment, that is. And it worked pretty good for a backwoods lawyer from Illinois, a haberdasher from Missouri, or a housewife from Alaska... wouldn't you say?

But even here in America, we've started to get away from what The Founding Fathers envisioned. Not only do we have our own dynasties (read: the Kennedy and Bush families), just look at the way the press treats Palin. She didn't graduate from Harvard - she just graduated from the University of Idaho. She isn't the product of 2 generations of Navy Admirals - she's just the child of a retired school teacher. She's not a 36-year Washington insider - she's just a former PTA Mom.

But that's exactly why Sarah Palin has struck a chord with so many of us. Because that's exactly what she is --- one of us.


Blogger TCN said...

Of course, that combo of brains and beauty doesn't hurt one iota, and then there's that non-negotiable moral stance that seems to get some folks' undies in a bundle. Mostly, I think she's a symbol for those of us who strive to be better, and an unashamed mirror to those who have been slinking around in the dark. Nobody can form her to their own mold, so they either idolize her or demonize her, by whether they want to be like her or are afraid of her.

Now THAT'S power.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Kit said...

Well-said, Cavey!

I caught a few minutes of BO stumping and comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, another son of his "homestate of Illinois" (which REALLY insults me, a true daughter of IL, coming from this HI carpetbagger...) stepping in to deal with a nation in crisis. Give me a break.

But as he said that and I started snarling (reflexive when I hear his voice anymore), it also dawned on me that Sarah Palin is the only one among this group of four that is actually "homegrown" in terms of politics - while she was not born there, she moved to AK as a young child, came of age, left for college but then moved back and stayed in her hometown to raise her family.

McCain moved to AZ to run for office in his 40's. He was all over the country due to his military upbringing and career. That's good to go - but the other two? Biden loves to roll his sleeves up and proclaim his PA roots, but he moved to the corporate haven of DE to launch his political career, and then of course there's BO, the first generation half-African, half-American, HI raised, Ivy League educated poseur who planted himself on the Southside of Chicago after law school to immerse himself in a culture that he was NEVER a part of, and persuade them that he was "one of them" and (what with his vastly superior elitist education and higher understanding of the human condition) could lead them to the Promised Land. He's got a Moses/Jesus/Lincoln (the Great Emancipator) complex that's just scary - because even though it's all a fiction he's contrived about himself, he BELIEVES it all.

Of course he's terrified of Sarah Palin. She is the genuine article that he, with his entire adult life of studied artifice, constructed character, and carefully selected incendiary words (disguised as "lofty ideals") can never aspire to be.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

at the end of her first day as the Governor of Alaska, she already had 100% more experience in elected executive experience

Not quite.

At the end of her first day as MAYOR OF WASILLA she had more elected executive experience....than the rest of the turkeys combined.

3:31 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

Plus, she's freaking HOTT.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Exactly, U of I is much more American than Harvard ever will be. Most of us (me included) will never have the opportunity to go to Harvard...

There's a humbling quality about a state university that just isn't there with Harvard.

1:39 AM  

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