Monday, August 18, 2008

Letters from Hawai`i
Readers wrote to the Honolulu Star Bulletin

Here are two views of NObama’s recent “vacation” in Hawai`i. The first writer is either on dope or just plain stupid. (My comments in bold. Foul language alert!)

Candidate took risks on last day in Hawaii
I hope the nation takes notice of three important things we learned about Sen. Barack Obama by his actions on just one day here in Honolulu.

1. He is a man who can ask others to make difficult sacrifices but will also endure those same sacrifices himself. (He asked kids to only get a small-size shave ice, and limited himself to this size also).
A multi-millionaire limiting him and his kids to a small shave ice instead of a larger size and calling it a sacrifice is like the guy who said he understood starvation because he missed a meal.

2. He is a brave man. (He bodysurfed at Sandy Beach, which frequently has the nation's highest rate of broken necks).
He may be gutsy or just plain foolish, but to call it brave is plain bullshit. Tell me that a 19-year-old Marine carrying 70+ pounds of weapons and gear in the 125 degree heat while a patrolling a “hot zone” in Iraq and I might consider it brave (though I know the Marine wouldn’t).

3. The Secret Service really doesn't care if this man lives or dies. (Bodysurfing Sandys, and then standing in wave-beaten cliffs at Halona Blowhole where many have been washed into sea and killed.)
We should be so lucky! Actually, it is an insult to the Secret Service agents who would do their duty to even defend this asshole at the risk of their own lives. But, they work in obedience to his wishes (even if contrary to their advice). If NObama chose to use risky stunts as photo-ops, that’s on him...and a hint of what he might do if he was President.
Shelly R. BrownHonolulu

The second writer seem to have a better handle on reality.

Obama’s visit to Oahu was a strikeout
Let's see now, according to reports in your paper regarding presidential candidate Barack Obama's visit to Hawaii for 10 days: no aloha shirt, no flower lei, no church on Sunday. For a Hawaii-born self-acclaimed Christian, I think the three strikes and you're out rule applies in this case.

Ron Valenciana


Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

THIS IS SO LIBERAL IT MAKES MY TEETH HURT!! Sacrafice = a small shaved ice? Bravery = body surfing?? Taking Risks = enjoying a vacation in Hawaii while poor, low-income Americans struggle to put food on their tables??

Holy crap.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Subvet said...

Seems that Shelley was really getting into the kona buds.

1:10 PM  

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