Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hafa Adai To All My Primos!
Well, 2d and 3d cousins...

The Little League World Series play-offs start this weekend. I'm proud to say that the team from Guam won the Asia-Pacific Championship.

Even though my mom's family (Familian Gollo) is from the northern part of the island, congrats to the team from the other end of Guam, Yona Little League (pronounced Joan-YA).

I'm not all that familiar with all the family names, but I know I'm probably related to the Cruz, Blas and San Nichols boys.

Guam's first game is today against the European Champ; Emilia, Italy. Good luck to both teams!

Here's the master link page for everything LLWS, to include the TV schedule and various links to all the teams from around the world.

In this day and age of multi-zillionaire athletes, it sure is nice to see kids play a kids game just because it's fun.


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