Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Acts Of Terrorism From "The President's Gangsters"
Why can't we just leave the al-Qaeda freedom fighters alone?

American-gangster trained Iraqi-gangsters terrorized a young Iraqi boy and his al-Qaeda babysitter in the dead of night. The Iraqi pig-dog lackeys of the Yankee invaders also misrepresent video footage of al-Qaeda's current Boy Scout recruiting drive.

Here's some of the article from Fox News; (emphasis mine)

Al Qaeda Trains Young Boys as Terrorists, Film Shows
Wednesday, February 06, 2008
By Jennifer Griffin

WASHINGTON — Coalition forces acting on a tip from a local Iraqi planned a surprise raid last week on a home in Kirkuk, where an 11-year-old boy, the son of a Kurdish mechanic, was being held for $100,000 ransom by Al Qaeda.

The kidnappers had held the boy, Ammar, for four days. Kidnapping and extortion are how Al Qaeda in Iraq finances its attacks. It is big business. But this time there was a happy ending.

As he came out from under that curtain you could tell he looked terrified,” Rear Admiral Greg Smith, a spokesman for Multinational Forces Iraq, told FOX News in an interview. “He gave his name and they said, ‘You’re the one we are looking for,’ and you could tell he was much relieved at that point.”

The security forces entered a small room. “The Al Qaeda member who had custody of this young boy was also in shock by the entrance and the quick operations by the Iraq security forces,” Smith said. One of the kidnappers was caught inside the room where the boy was hiding. All of the shooting and shouting left the boy terrified, according to those who participated in the raid.

“They got him into the car,” Smith recalled. “They handed him a cell phone so he could call his mother, and he was very composed. He just said, ‘Hello, this is Ammar.’ "He said, ‘I am here. I am safe.’” An officer on the other end of the line could hear the family screaming and shouting. Soon after, the boy was delivered back to cheering neighbors and family members.

This story had a happy ending, but most kidnappings in Iraq do not. Ammar was from a simple family, and his father never could have paid the $100,000 ransom. In an interview after his son was returned to the family, Ammar's father said, "The kidnappers told us that if we fail to pay the ransom, they will behead my son and put his head in the garbage can in front of my house. We told them that we don't have money."

The raid netted five kidnappers and led the coalition forces to another boy being held in a hideout nearby. He was freed on Sunday.

That raid netted five propaganda videocassettes that would have made Nazi propaganda filmmaker Heinrich Goebbels proud. They were training videos showing Iraqi children between the ages of 6 and 14 being taught how to hold AK-47s, how to stop a car and carry out a kidnapping, how to break into a house, and how to break into a courtyard and terrorize the individuals living there.

They are also seen being taught to use rocket-propelled grenade launchers. “These were young boys all masked and hooded, all outfitted with weapons; adults were doing the training,” Smith said.


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