Friday, June 18, 2010

Jindal To The Rescue, Bureaucrats Force Coast Guard To Cut Him Off At The Knees
Coast Guard to the rescue... when allowed

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently ordered a small fleet of oil skimmer barges into action in the Gulf of Mexico.

Coast Guardsmen, acting on orders from DC bureaucrats, halted the skimmers due to the proper amount of fire extinguishers and life jackets weren't on all the barges.

The skimmers were finally allowed to head to sea after sitting idle for a full day. An estimated 60,000 barrels (3,300,000 gallons) pour into the Gulf every day.

An understandably frustrated Plaquemines Parish President, Billy Nungesser said, ""We're disgusted that once again, instead of helping, the Coast Guard is throwing up a road block. I thought I heard the president say we were at war."

Nungesser went on to say, "Would you shut down tanks to check for fire extinguishers if you were being shot at? The people of Plaquemines Parish were so disgusted they took shop vacs from their garages and used them to suck up oil."

Meanwhile, During Katrina

During the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, it was standard procedure to have more rescued people than allowable on Coast Guard rescue helicopters and boats than Federal Regulations allowed.

Coast Guardsmen both at sea and in the air worked around the clock, in clear violation of standard safety regulations, in order to rescue people that very well may have died without their help.

Somehow, the Obama Administration will blame George Bush for the Jindal barge fleet being delayed.

I predicted a week ago that somehow, the average Coast Guardsman would end up being the villain due to the Obama Administrations incompetence. Thanks for proving me right, Barry.


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

I have great respect for the Coast Guard, but like all Unoformed Services, they are under the control of the Civil Government.

an our Civil Government is under the control of a scheming, lying statist who want's the Feds to control everything. Of course they Feds inerfered with a State initiative--anyghing to block the 10th ammendment from playing in the US!

It was Barry who just a couple of months ago thought he was scoring a coup with us conservatives by opening large areas of the coast to deep water offshore drilling. Notice that his minions--I mean the Press--haven't mentioned that?

Obama and his tools are much less interested in solving this, preserving our environment, and cleaning up the mess than they are in using the crisis to expand their authority. Over something they already have enough authority over, if only they had used it appropriatly.

America is dead. We are now squabbling over what the Ghohst will look like.

And the Republicans are just as much a part of the problem as the Dems.

I could throw up.

9:39 AM  

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