Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why Are Heretics Polluting Catholic Teachers?
Because Cardinal Mahony says so!

Here's the entire listing of speakers at the 2010 Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Conference currently underway.

Here's a thumbnail on some of the speakers, via SSA Catholic;
• Rev. Bryan Massingale. This Liberation Theologian from Marquette University publicly opposed Wisconsin’s 2006 Marriage Protection Amendment, which that state’s bishops backed, to ban “gay marriage” and “gay civil unions.” In 2004 he told fellow priests the “new Church” will be “more sensuous and feminine.” Also, he quoted Richard Schoenherr, who discerns a “decline in sacramentalism and rise in Bible-based worship” and a “change from a transcendentalist to a personalist construction of…sexuality.”

• Fr. James Martin, SJ. He told the 2005 REC we need “public models” of “healthy gay priests for Catholics to reflect on,” to counter “the stereotype of the gay priest as child abuser.” At the 2006 REC, he mocked and disputed the new Vatican document nixing ordination of homosexuals, saying it implied that they “are not fully human” and that “gay priests are responsible for the sexual abuse crisis.” “[Gay] seminarians and gay priests are the Church’s new lepers,” he whined, casting them as the victims.

Fr. Richard Rohr. At the March, 1997, pro-gay New Ways Ministry Symposium, he described his all-male retreats, in which men remove clothing and touch each other in “wounded areas,” as he calls them. Abp. Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe once reprimanded Fr. Rohr for presiding at a lesbian “wedding.” Also, Fr. Rohr advises Catholics to use the New Age/occult Enneagram.

Sr. Fran Ferder. She rejects the Church’s teaching against non-marital sex as a sign of Vatican fixation at an adolescent psychological level. In the Dec., 1995-Jan. 1996 Call to Action News, she said, “The whole Church must hear what [homosexuals] are really saying, especially those gays and lesbians who do not experience their sexuality as a lifelong commitment to celibacy.”

Fr. Michael Crosby. At the 2006 REC, this prominent Church-basher rapped “clericalism, sexism [sic] and heterosexism [sic]” and “unequal power…between homosexual and heterosexual people.” At a 1999 CTA conference, he knocked the Vatican for “dictating” to the local bishops.

Jim Wallis. This non-Catholic, far-left activist, who backed the Communists in Vietnam and founded the Post-American magazine (now Sojourners). In 2006 he advised U.S. senators and representatives on ways to get believers to vote Democrat, even though that party is pro-gay and proabortion.

Thomas Groome. This laicized priest from Boston College wants not only women priests but also women bishops. He mocked Pope John Paul II’s Ad Tuendam Fidem as “a pretentious attempt…to stifle conversation and dialogue” among theologians.

Dr. Greer Gordon. At the 2006 REC, she rapped the Vatican’s “assumption” that we must “curb the sexual urges or desires of our homosexual presbyters,” but not of our heterosexual priests. The new document against “gay” ordinations is good in parts, she said, but could “force us into repressing people about their sexuality.”
Kenneth M. Fisher, chairman of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. (CRCOA) has stated the following;
"He's [Mahony] going to make tens of thousands of Catholics hear Faith-subverters, the kind who get people to defy the Church on abortion, homosexuality, contraception, New Age practices and ordination of women."

"Cardinal Mahony's pro-gays, women-priest advocates, New Agers and anti-Pope rebels will tell Catholic educators what to teach. Then the teachers will go home and infect countless innocent Catholic children with those errors."
Think about this... Catholics who are loyal to Catholicism are kept outside, but those who are The Smoke of Satan incarnate are on the inside.

Catholics need to take their heads out of the sand, and start defending The Church.


Blogger JLS said...

At least at this Mahony convention there won't be any live sex performances on stage, or demon liturgies.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

JLS...I wouldn't be so sure

11:28 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Abp. Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe once reprimanded Fr. Rohr for presiding at a lesbian “wedding.” Also, Fr. Rohr advises Catholics to use the New Age/occult Enneagram.

I live in the canonical territory of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. You will notice that all Sheehan did was berate Rohr. Rohr still has priestly faculties within the Archdiocese. Geez! As far as Mahony and his crowd:

1. True Catholics will disassociate themselves from his religious ed conference and his religious ed program.

2. If the American Catholic bishops where really Catholics, they would be taking Mahony to task and screaming blood murder, if necessary in public!

3. The ultimate blame falls on the Popes, including the incumbent. The Pope has the power to stop this (and remove Mahony and his cronies) and if the Archdiocese of Los Angeles goes into schism as a result, then let a spade be called a spade.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

When I was he the seminary, we had to sit through three days of education by Ferder and her sidekick. This included a condemnation of the sin of 'heterosexism' (the assumption the heterosexuality is the norm and the suggestion that we conduct imaginary conversations with our genitals.
Michael Crosby gave talk in our diocese about ten years ago that was so extreme that Archbishop Neiderauer had to take him to task in our diocesan rag.
And Massingale, well among other things, he is just a douche. (I had to say it.)
The sad thing is that what was once a good and very powerful tool to train catechists has instead become a tool for training dissent.

1:01 PM  
Blogger VSO said...

Ditto Addy. The Vatican could've stopped this LONG ago, but they didn't and they wont.

2:03 PM  
Blogger JLS said...

Not convinced the Pope can stop this stuff. I wouldn't take it for granted. It's not a slam dunk that he is safe and secure in his person.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Al said...

Looking at the list makes me think "Round up the usual suspects." & the fun Dante would have with this bunch. Including Mahony.

5:52 AM  
Blogger StarbucksMom... said...

Papa, please send us (l.a.) an orthodox Bishop!!

1:42 AM  

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