Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Really Couldn't Have Put It Better Myself
What do you think of Andy's thought?
Helmet tip to the enigmatic Andy Malone.

I've been having a running debate over at Catholic Answers on a thread entitled "So That's a Waterboarding, Huh?". To say that it's been interesting would be an understatement of Biblical proportions.

And to keep things in perspective, many moons ago, I posted for following in regards to extracting information from terrorists; I gotta be honest, to ensure another 9/11 doesn't happen (and the subsequent roasting/being blown into a thousand pieces/or falling over 100 stories to their deaths of thousands of fellow Americans) I believe that a ball peen hammer and a couple of German Shepherds are entirely appropriate.It goes without saying that many disagree with me... including fellow Bloglodytes. I'm comfortable with that. Reasonable men can disagree.

But anyhow, along comes a certain individual named Andy Malone who gave this bit of insight on the Catholic Answers forum;
Personally, I believe that real and significant torture used against captured Terrorists to protect the innocent is both moral and acceptable because of their method of conducting war on the innocent. Terrorism is a war on the unarmed without the constraints of acceptable force that protect everyone in a civil society whose members rightly expect to be safe and secure from violent death in daily activity. They crossed the line into barbarity and deserve to paid in the coin of that realm without restraint.By golly... give that man a cigar.


Blogger Old Bob said...

I don't doubt for a minute that our enemies do far worse things than waterboarding to get info out of our people. Nesides that, it's just plain common sense that when it comes to survival, you do whatever it takes. (Side note:) my neighbor, an unregistered pharmacist, has a great big German Shepherd that doesn't like me. I asked the police and animal control what I could legally do if the dog jumped the fence and menaced or attacked me. Both said: "Whatever it takes." The idea is to get the (literally) son of a bitch before he even has a chance to get me.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Nan said...

I went to a lunchtime talk on the ethics of waterboarding last fall. The speaker was a law professor who worked for the CIA at the time the waterboarding memo came out and led us through the decision-making process. It was quite interesting, especially the conclusion that, even though waterboarding was believed to be inappropriate, because there was an evaluation process which lead to that decision, the attorneys were protected.

He spoke specifically of incidents in which the perpetrators were open to prosecution because they took steps not sanctioned by gov't, such as holding a loaded gun to someone's head, bringing in a chain saw and running it, and putting someone out in the snow to see how much cold they could take.

The last one was eerily similar to 3rd reich experiments on priests in Dachau, the subject of another talk I had gone to.

3:30 PM  
Blogger JLS said...

The decision making in these cases should be restricted to combat veterans only, and not homosexuals in high places. Homosexuals tend to like self destruction, and thus should be excluded totally from any military decision involved with victory and survival. They would serve better as lawyers for terrorists.

6:59 PM  

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