Thursday, October 01, 2009

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Yes, Junior is playing Army again. Except this time, he doesn't want to talk to anyone really in the Army. Try not to puke as you read this wonderful example of tap dancing; (Emphasis mine)
Gibbs Explains Why the President Has Only Talked to General McChrystal Once in 10 Weeks

ABC’s Jordyn Phelps reports:

The White House today pressed back against speculations that General Stanley McChrystal is not highly influential in guiding the President’s Afghanistan policy decisions. General Stanley McChrystal signaled that his consultations with President Obama on Afghanistan have been limited in a 60 Minutes interview Sunday.

“I’ve talked to the president, since I’ve been here, once,” McChrystal said.

David Martin, the CBS reporter who interviewed McChrystal followed up by asking, “You’ve talked to him once in 70 days?” “That is correct,” McChrystal answered.

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs in a briefing Tuesday dispelled speculations that the President isn’t consulting with the general. “The president receives a memo every week from General McChrystal,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs says that the weekly memo, which has both military and diplomatic components, guides the President’s decisions regarding Afghanistan and emphasized that Obama meets regularly with the military chain of command. In response to a question about how the president views McChrystal, Gibbs responded, “Understand that the President signed off on putting General McChrystal where he is.”

President Obama will meet tomorrow via video conference with McChrystal and other high-level officials to discuss the future plans regarding Afghanistan.


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Does Gibbs wear a tutu? What shade of red might it be?

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