Friday, October 09, 2009

Biting The Hand That Fed You
Attacking the Bishops while defending obama

Well, the Über Pope of the American Patriotic Catholic Church now has his own Editor-in-Chief.

The Kansas City Star has allowed ink to be spilled by one Albert de Zutter, the EX-editor of The Catholic Key, newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Of course, I've gone after heterodox clerics in the past (and will continue to do so), but this Zutter Nutter is especially venomous, as well as wrong at so many different levels.

Here's some of the article;

On health reform, bishops misread church teaching

Archbishop Joseph Naumann and Bishop Robert Finn are working from a revisionist interpretation of authentic Catholic teaching in their pastoral letter on health care reform, making it more palatable to those who hold right-wing political views.

The dead giveaway is their use of some of the propaganda of reform opponents as part of the fact basis for their arguments.

For example, there is no mandated end of life counseling in any of the proposed bills, as the bishops imply. There is no language to include abortion or to restrict conscience rights of health workers. There is no proposal to “have the government control everything.”

Moreover, these bishops give a miserly and twisted definition of the principle of subsidiarity, which bears little resemblance to the real Catholic teaching. They define it as “never doing for others what they can do for themselves,” which sits well with the extreme individualism that has been criticized by the popes.

What a perfect example of a "Spirit of Vatican II" Am-Church layman wagging his limp-wristed finger at, and telling faithful Bishops how wrong they are.


Blogger Al said...

Teh relativistic revisionists calling faithful Bishops revisionist. Can the 2nd coming be far off???

Seriously, for Zutter a nice padded cell seems to be in order. He has gone completely off the deep end if he thinks his view is the right 1. It sounds to me that the unfaithful remnant is getting more & more desperate as they see their dearly beloved "Spirit of Vatican II" have the stake of God's truth driven through its heart.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Confiteor said...

See this is what has happened to the "peace and justice" movement within the Catholic Church and is exactly why faithful Catholics want absolutely nothing to do with it. This idiot represents to a tee 100% the "peace and justice" Catholic. Be it those involved in Catholic Campaign for Human Development or those involved in Pax Christi or simply those ninnies involved at the parish level and the Leftist clerics who fill up the vast majority of the diocesan positions.

They have redefined Catholic social teaching such that Catholic social teaching = communism. For this little punk there is in actuality no room for subsidiarity. Subsidiarity has been completely supplanted by a very skewed and simplistic view of solidarity.

7:43 AM  

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