Friday, May 16, 2008

Traditionalist order is ready to return to Rome

By Anna Arco9 May 2008

A traditionalist community in Scotland has signalled that it is willing to engage in talks with Rome as a result of the Motu Proprio. The Transalpine Redemptorist Congregation on the remote Orkney island of Papa Stronsay have had informal talks with a Redemptorist bishop at the Vatican and will start speaking to the Ecclesia Dei Commission. Fr Anthony Mary, one of the monks, said the order wanted to "see what the commission has to offer and whether it's perfectly acceptable to us and what we stand for. We are traditional Catholics. We hold on to the old rite and we don't want to lose any of that."

After false rumours circulated on the internet which suggested the community had already returned to Rome the monks issued a lengthy statement explaining their position. The document said Pope Benedict XVI's liberalisation of the 1962 form of the Roman Rite with last year's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum put the order, which is affiliated with the Society of St Pius X, in a position where it must at least consider talks with Rome. It said: "All these serious considerations, dear friends, move us to go and see what Rome has to say. Let not our contacts with Rome be understood as meaning that we will break off our friendship with the Society of St Pius X and other traditionalist organisations around the world. On the contrary, we positively want with all our hearts to remain in contact sharing all that we may learn with Bishop Fellay and the other heads of traditional orders for the good of tradition as a whole."

Only time will tell if the moment has come for an agreement with Rome. Prudence requires of us to proceed slowly and cautiously, reflecting well at each step of the discussions. "The Transalpines have come under pressure from certain members of the SSPX, which last month rejected the possibility of a reunion with Rome. The order recalled three Brothers who were in training at an SSPX seminary after the rector of the seminary took the seminarians aside and suggested they form a break-away community in order to stop an agreement with Rome.
According to the Papa Stronsay blog, the superior, Fr Michael Mary, received an email from the Society which said that Transalpines would no longer be welcome in SSPX seminaries if the order reached an agreement with the Ecclesia Dei commission. "We have no desire to sling mud at people or give a bad name to people but sometimes in order to defend yourself you have to state exactly what happened two or three weeks ago," said Fr Anthony Mary.


Blogger VSO said...

Glad to see it. IMHO the SPPX needs to go back too, they wont be able to change much from the outside. They got their backing from the Pope and they need to stop filibustering and ride back in like Gandalf and the riders of Rohan.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

As an SSPXer I believe that a way must be found to return and work to change the Church from within. As Fr. Michael said, the third generation of SSPX children are being born, if we (they) don't return soon, we (they) never will.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

They do need to return, and's good to hear traditionalists are coming back.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Michelle Therese said...

I live in Orkney and I think it would be SO WONDERFUL if the Trapestines on Papa Stronsay reunited with Rome!! I think that we need to be reunited because division sucks ~ but we also need the unified presense very strong traditional communities that have held on to everything that was lost after "The Spirit of Vatican II" practically killed the Church.

Oh man... the thought of the Papa Stonsay monastery becoming unified with my own parish in Kirkwall... can you imagine the possibilities if we start cross-pollinating?? What if some of the monks came to our masses and things we went to their masses and things?????? And then, all those SSPX Catholics living on Stronsay could hook up with all us non-SSPX Catholics... oh WOW!!

The 1960's liberals would have to back off because so many Catholics would be exposed to the beautiful traditions of the Church and our bare post-Spirit of Vatican II church just might start looking like a Catholic church again.... And people could visit me and *not* say, "Gee you have a LOT of statues..." as if that's some kind of crime! And maybe I could find people to pray the Rosary with and be 100% pro-life Mary-loving CATHOLIC with!!!

My priest, who really rocks!, told us at bible study on Tuestday that traditional Catholic people are flocking (moving!!) to the island of Stronsay specifically to be near the monastery!!!!!!!! If the monastery unifies with Rome will this bring even MORE non-Liberal Catholics to Orkney??????????? Oh wow... the mere idea makes me shake with excitement!!

Our dear Priest said mass on Stronsay at a lady's house this week. (There are some homes around the islands that have permission to have chapels ~ I'm going to Mass at one such house on the Orkney island of Sanday with my husband on May 30th.) We suspect that Father might be trying to make his presense felt without being militant. Hopefully he'll end up in dialog with the monastery and maybe the gulf between Papa Stronsay and my parish will fall away!! To live on a remote Scottish island with a beautiful Catholic monastery right here amongst us... how can I even begin to describe it?? But since I'm not sure if their communion is valid I've never dared go to Mass there even though they invited me once! But I don't judge them or say, "They are evil!" I mean, if Protestants are our Separated Brethren then why can't SSPX Catholics be given the same loving accord??

Sorry but I'm actually shaking as I type this ~ I'm so excited about the possibilities!!! I'm begging God to please let this unification happen!!!

5:02 AM  

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