Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wanna Kill a Black Baby?
Planned Parenthood more than happy to accommodate

Pro-life groups have been trumpeting the pro-abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood for years. As if there wasn’t enough proof already, check out the video below. In synopsis, a guy calls PP and says he wants to make a sizeable donation. You can almost hear the woman on the other end drooling. She tells him they appreciate his help. But, he asks, can he specify that the money be used to abort the babies of minority woman. Of course, he is told.

Remember, gang, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who made it clear her goal was to eliminate the “unwanted” races. It’s equally evident that nothing has changed since then.

Oh, and where is Mr. Pro-abortion Obama on this legal genocide? What?! Speak out in defense of the unborn of his own race and risk losing some votes? Ain’t happening.


Blogger VSO said...

Un F'n believeable. And yet black people blindly support liberals. These people like "Autumn" disgust me.

8:53 PM  

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