Monday, March 17, 2008

But If She Were On Her Way To Get An Abortion...
It'd be a much different story

A much different story, indeed. I'd venture to say she's be given the day off for her "medical procedure", and probably named Student of the Week by the Teachers Union and the local chapter of the Democratic Party.

But hey... all she did was save a bunch of kids lives.
California Student Stops Out-of-Control School Bus; Gets Detention for Skipping Class
FOX News

SEASIDE, Calif. — A 15-year-old girl who stopped an out-of-control school bus she was riding on was handed a Saturday detention instead because she was skipping school.

Marina High School student Amanda Rouse was on a bus with 40 elementary school students Wednesday morning when the driver fell out of her seat after a turn and hit her head. Rouse jumped up and applied the brakes, bringing the bus to a halt after striking two parked cars. No one was injured.

She said had asked the bus driver for a ride because she felt sick at school. "She is in trouble with school because she made the wrong decision," said Rouse's grandmother, Sally Correll. "But I can't help but believe that she was where God wanted her to be."

A spokesperson for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District could not immediately be reached Saturday.
Well Grandma, there's the problem. The School District believes they're the ones who decide where Amanda should be... not God. But then again, the School District believes they're God.


Blogger David said...

I can't remember who said this, but I remember some military commander or monarch or somesuch saying that in the days of Maria Theresa, a soldier who broke the rules but nontheless performed an act of heroism would be given both a medal and a demerit. That is how it should be, I suppose. Pretty straightforward, no?

9:31 PM  
Blogger bobw45 said...

If the young lady got sick at school, she should have gone to school authorities for help and/or called her parents. The school bus driver does not have the authority or business assisting a student going AWOL.

Unless medical reasons caused the bus driver to lose control of the bus, it does not sound like the driver should have even been operating a school bus.

The young lady is being properly disciplined, IMO.

Would "The Corp" not discipline an AWOL jarhead who saved an old lady crossing a busy street from being hit by a passing motorist?

5:27 AM  
Blogger Kevin Whiteman said...

What is this "Corp" you speak of? That wouldn't be The Corps, would it? BTW, Marines don't use the Army phrase "AWOL". The Sea Services use the term UA (Unauthorized Absence). I think you've been watching too many movies.

But anyhow, are you comparing an adult, US Marine who happens to be in a UA status... someone who knowingly, willingly and intelligently is breaking the law and dishonoring himself... and comparing that individual who isn't "a young lady", but a child. A child who made a mistake because she was sick?

And that child wasn't "going AWOL" as you say. She was going home because she was sick. It's not as if she was ducking out of school so she could go sell dope at the local elementary school.

She had the best of intentions, but being a child, used bad judgment. That's why they're called "children", and not "mini-adults". You do see the difference, don't you?

And Bob, what is this nonsense? Unless medical reasons caused the bus driver to lose control of the bus, it does not sound like the driver should have even been operating a school bus. Classical grasping at straws.

6:07 AM  

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