Monday, December 03, 2007

That Lil' Ol' Fear-Monger.... Me
Forewarned is forearmed

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Another large-scale terrorost attack against America isn't a question of if... it's question of when.

Case in point, just a bit of this article from that right-wing reactionary rag The NY Daily News; (emphasis mine)

Experts see rise in Western-looking recruits training in terrorist camps

Sunday, December 2nd 2007, 4:00 AM

WASHINGTON - The latest crop of Al Qaeda recruits is salted with white, Anglo-featured converts from Europe who look more like TV's Jack Bauer than Osama Bin Laden. U.S. officials are worried about fair-skinned Al Qaeda killers with light-colored eyes, who most Americans would never suspect as Muslim jihadis ready to die in martyrdom missions like Sept. 11.

"It is a very big concern," a top counterterror official told the Daily News of the possibility that real-life terrorists resemble Kiefer Sutherland's character on "24." The Europeans have been spotted in Pakistan's tribal belt bordering Afghanistan, where a resurgent Al Qaeda runs small training camps. "Al Qaeda is attempting to recruit 'Western' individuals to better blend into European and American societies," a senior military officer who monitors secret reports on the region said. "It's a continuing concern for the intelligence community."

The danger is that they may blend in back home - or take advantage of the visa-waiver program the U.S. shares with Eurpean allies that eliminates a key layer of scrutiny for travelers. The travel loophole allows 15 million people to enter the U.S. from 18 European countries without visas, including Britain, France, Germany and Norway.

Intelligence on white jihadis cropped up long before Bin Laden warned Europe last week to leave Afghanistan in a new tape. Top CIA official John Kringen told lawmakers earlier this year that he was "very concerned" about Al Qaeda using Europe as "a launching point for bringing terrorists into the United States."

The number of white Europeans who have converted to Islam and been trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan is believed small, but their value is incalculable. Besides ease of travel, they offer a window into Western culture.

Bin Laden has no one left in his top five tiers of leadership with experience in the West, such as captured 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who attended a North Carolina college. His only adviser on America is California-raised propagandist Adam Gadahn, the likely author of Bin Laden's recent speeches.

The first public inkling of the new threat came last year when a Newsweek
(another right-wing propaganda rag) reporter in Afghanistan met a Taliban leader who was guarded by a European with light-colored eyes, referred to as one of their "English brothers."

Military officials in Afghanistan told The News last summer they've never captured or killed any Europeans near the border. But Al Qaeda has suggested that European jihadis are plentiful.
So to the self-loathing "I hate western civilization" maggots who insist that their heads remain buried in the sand, I'd just like to remind you of the following examples of fear-mongering:

~ When Imperial Japan started making aggressive military moves against China, AND CONSERVATIVES WARNED THE WORLD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, that was just right-wing fear-mongering.

~ When Nazi Germany started it's saber rattling towards the Saarland and the Sudetenland, AND CONSERVATIVES WARNED THE WORLD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, that was just right-wing fear-mongering.

~ When Communist Russia threw up an Iron Curtiain across Europe, AND CONSERVATIVES WARNED THE WORLD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, that was just right-wing fear-mongering.

~ When three Islamist Terrorists (two of whome are rather Aryan-looking German converts) were recently arrested in Germany with over 1,500 pounds of explosive materials, AND CONSERVATIVES WARNED THE WORLD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, that was just right-wing fear-mongering. By the way, the terrorists had 7 times more explosive material than the attacks used in the 3/11 attacks on Madrid that killed 191 innocent civilians.

But that's just right-wing fear-mongering.


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

And, after a whole bunch of innocent people are destroyed, there will be left wing wrangling about whose fault it is and how the "right wing" minitary and police officials failed. This will go on until people finally get so fed up and angery that two thinkgs will happen:

1) the west will get real fascists.
2) there will be a general, boody and savage war.

Both of these things would be avoidable, if only our ostritch-minded people in positions of pawer and influance would Wake up in time. But they won't.

I kinda wish I was young enough to go to the Airborne all over again.

10:29 AM  
Blogger deb said...

This is a scary article but I can't say that I disagree with you. Sadly, there are those who will blame everyone else but their own blindness when the next attack occurs.

12:01 PM  

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