Friday, May 26, 2006

Scamnesty NOW!!
3 million then, 12 million now, how many millions later?

Hat Tip to The Carolina Cannonball

I saw something kinda crazy when I was recently back home in San Diego... on one of the local newscasts ran a story of the San Diego Minutemen who were taking journalists to a shanty-town encampment that had dozens and dozens of illegal alien living there. And there also was reports of prostitutes there who were shipped up norte just for that reason (oh... and child prostitutes as well).

Anyhow, when the San Diego Minutemen showed up with bucoup news cameras in tow, you'll NEVER guess what happened. Turns out the owner of the property where the illegals were camped out, called the cops on the San Diego Minutemen for --- get this --- trespassing.

In another amazing turn of events, it was discovered that the owner of said property is... hold on to your hat... also happens to own a whole buncha fruit tree groves in the area. I know, I know. What were the chances of THAT!!??

You know what's even more amazing? The Minutemen were told to leave or face arrest... the illegals could stay.


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