Friday, November 11, 2005

Keeler Continues Grovel-athon
To Jews; "Hole in the ozone layer - Catholics fault. Hunger in China - Catholics fault. Boogers in your nose - Catholics fault"

A decidedly feminine Presider Keeler of Baltimore literally whispered sweet nothings to the congregation of Temple Oheb Shalom. According to the Owings Mills Times, Keeler spoke "in a voice so soft he could barely be heard even with a microphone pinned to his lapel...". Awwww, id'nt dat thweet? Don't YOU feel warm and cuddly? I know I do.

Bound and determined to keep the ecclesiastical estrogen flowing, Keeler also told the congregation that Pope Benedict is "a gentle person" who "reminds me of my mother". Does Keeler mean that his mom is a short, gray haired Bavarian who pees standing up? I certainly hope not.

But what was particularly insulting, was the attcks on Holy Mother Church, and his inability to be an active participant in Christ's Great Commission.

According to Keeler "The church has caused great suffering through the ages in the name of Jesus, and for that we asked for forgiveness." Oh really? Obviously, Keeler fails to remember that The Church, The Bride of Christ, is perfect and incapable of commiting sin. How sad when one of our own Cardinals can't even get the basics right.

"...we hold in common with the Jewish people the Torah and the prophets," Keeler said. This, he said, enabled Catholics and Jews to share the same "traditions of the faith." Yet again, His Genericness again seems to fall short of pointing out that Christianity is the correct theological flow for Judaism. Oh, how politically correct. What was it that Jesus said.... something about how no man will go to the Father except throught Him? Heaven forbid that Keeler actually point to Jesus. But hey... I'm OK, you're OK.


Blogger Geoffrey Gilbert said...

With all due respect, His Emminence William Cardinal Keeler is a weasel. There is absolutely NOTHING for which the Church must apologise except for the catastrophe that has befallen her in the wake of the Second Vatican II.

I think His Emminence should also consider the meaning of St. Matthew 27:25 before he goes off half-cocked about the Church's alleged "anti-Semitism". What about Jewish anti-Catholicism, Your Emminence? Can you say "deicide", Your Emminence?

Two wrongs dont make a right, of course. But, as has been pointed out, the Church is not capable of error. To believe otherwise is to call Our Lord a liar.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

5:10 AM  
Blogger Geoffrey Gilbert said...

* Note: The second sentence in the first paragraph above should read "...Second Vatican Council."

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some time ago there was a scandal in Cardinal Keeler's jurisdiction concerning the Notre Dame School for Girls (or similar name). Someone at the school showed a porno lesbian video to a class in the name of "sex-ed". Outraged parents complained. Keeler "investigated" but found no violation of Church law and no heads rolled. So much for leadership.

11:06 AM  

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