Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Came The Underwear Bombers...
Then the Booby Bombers...

Now the moslem "Black Widow Bombers". Hold on to your hats, America. As they've shown already at Beslan Massacre, Russia is just their training ground. WE are the real target.

Be warned, this posting has some fairly disturbing images. From The Sun (London);

‘Widow’ bombers

THESE chilling images of the dead "black widow" Moscow bombers were revealed yesterday - as it was claimed that 21 MORE may be ready to strike. The Muslim women's suicide attacks killed 39 on the Russian capital's metro on Monday.

Investigators said they may have been among 30 women who trained as suicide bombers in Turkey. Nine of the group are now thought to have died in attacks - and officials are racing to track down the others.

Said Buryatsky - dubbed the Russian Bin Laden - is thought to have trained the women from the war-torn Caucasus region. He was killed by security services last month.

Investigators released a photo of a suspected male accomplice. A man is thought to have accompanied the bombers on a bus from the Caucasus. Mourners yesterday laid flowers at makeshift memorials on the metro.

Russian PM Vladimir Putin vowed to hunt down the masterminds of the bombing "to the bottom of the sewers".


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