Friday, January 15, 2010

Political Correctness In Uniform
Yeah... right

WARNING! Harsh Language Alert!

Here's some of the article from the BBC;
US military urged to act over extremists in its ranks

Two leading US senators have urged the Pentagon to take steps to combat the threat of Islamist extremism within the ranks of the US military.

Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Susan Collins wrote to US Defence Secretary Robert Gates at the end of their investigation into the 5 November incident at Fort Hood.

The US military should train soldiers "from enlisted personnel to commanders" to recognise and report "the warning signs of violent Islamist extremism", they said.
And just how much of a fantasy is this? Let me put it to you this way -- the headline should have been "Once Upon A Time..."

Political correctness is been hammered into our military for decades now. If these two senators think it's going to evaporate over night due to some Congressional mandate... they're out of their minds.

My own personal experience is as follows --
While on Drill Instructor Duty aboard Parris Island, SC, I was sent by the Company Commander to be his glorified note taker at some BS "Equal Opportunity" briefing by some visiting office weenie from Headquarters Marine Corps in D.C.

So as this nondescript Full Bird Loser droned his way through his mind-jellying, butt-numbing snoozefest, he finally dropped the big bombshell. Emphasis his;

"10% of ALL promotions, meritorious promotions, medals and appointments to the Naval Academy WILL go to women and minority members."
Stunned silence. Then came his sneering condescending next statement - "any questions?"
Of course, I had to raise my hand.

FBL - "Yes, Marine."

Me - "Sir, I thought the Marine Corps always promoted on merit?" (a few chuckles mixed with an equal number of audible gasps.)

FBL - "Shut up and sit down, Staff Sergeant!"

Me - I shut up and sat down. But not before a very emotionless and artificial "Yes, Sir."
Gauged by the comments directed at me after this PC circle jerk, everyone else in the room knew as well as I did as to what a shit-filled phony both this Colonel AND the (thankfully) short-lived policy was.


Blogger Old Bob said...

Good for you, Caveman! My dad told me that once when he was in the Army, about 1944-45, about your rank, he got an absolutely insane order from a shavetail 2nd lieutenant. He said, "With all respect, f--k you, sir." And got away with it.

12:12 PM  

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