Thursday, November 26, 2009

Discover The Beauty & Majesty Of The Difficult
Helmet tip to Mary Rose

For someone raised in the Novus Ordo (the New Mass), this series of videos are excellent resources in better understanding the Traditional Latin Mass. Give 'em a watch. You'll be glad you did.

WARNING! Those that are theologically lazy and who are use to being fed theological pablum may find these videos offensive.


Blogger Mary Rose said...

Hey, awesome! I still haven't watched all of them. Now I can in one convenient spot. :-)

VSC, you mentioned that although there is silence, what's happening in your mind is "a whirlwind." I'm right with you. I do think it's difficult though for many people to face what is within them. That's why it's easier for them to be busy all the time instead of being faced with their thoughts.

What I love about the TLM is being offered the opportunity to ponder the majesty and profound holiness of God. The TLM, in my eyes, seems to be a better vehicle to transport us to an understanding that God is God and we aren't. (to steal a line from "Rudy")

The Mass is to be worship. I've gone back and forth with this in my mind since I had years of boisterous, energetic "praise services" while attending the non-denom churches. I remembered realizing that all that action left little time to truly bow down and worship God in all of His majesty.

When I discovered the TLM, I was stunned. Finally, a service that wasn't diluted with man's self-aware "busy" actions. It was a service, I realized, that brought me into a room alone, a room where I could think, a room where I could look upon the Cross and connect what transpired on Calvary to my poor, sin-riddled soul.

There is always that transaction with me during a TLM. Meanwhile, I've visited various parishes around town, sitting through many Novus Ordo Masses because I like to check out what others are doing. You know what I feel like when I go to these types of Masses?

Like I stumbled into Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Seriously. Some church buildings are old architecture but they brought in those stupid felt banners. Some have the altar looking like a piece out of New York's Museum of Modern Art. Some are so sparse in their sanctuary that I'm overcome with sadness. Since when did it become popular in the Catholic Church to visually starve God?

God deserves our best, always. Our highest, most excellent offering - whether it is the glorious stained glass windows or a full choir beautifully chanting the responses. (We have a soprano that would bring tears to your eyes.)

Within the TLM, we are challenged to bring our best, no matter how pathetic we know ourselves to be. Still, in that silence, God loves us and beckons us to look upon the high altar, His Son, Jesus Christ, and try to comprehend that kind of love.

Sorry for going on so long, but I simply love the TLM more and more. And... I get to attend a TLM Low Mass in a few hours! Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

If any of you are ever in the Columbus, Ohio area, please visit Holy Family Church. This is my home church and Fr. Lutz is amazing. We also have The Jubilee Museum, which has some outstanding historical pieces.

God bless you, VSC and all of the Cavemen! I so very much appreciate you all!

7:25 AM  

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